AMD RDNA 2 Users, how is rendering on Blender working out for you compared to Nvidia Optix?

After todays insanity of an 40 Series announcement [a 4070 named a 4080 and priced at 900 USD??? WHAT THE FUCK NVIDIA?], im seriously considering going AMD.

But Optix is so good for blender.

How is AMD doing in comparison?

No idea, I went AMD since I don’t need to do much offline rendering as most of what I do is directed at real-time engines. But I do have a RX 6600 XT so if you provide a specific file to benchmark/test I can perhaps provide you some figures.

How about just the standard Classroom Benchmark?

How about you check yourself on OpenData?

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whats that?


Actually, the 4080 12GB could be considered a 60 class card as it boasts a heavily cut down chip and a 192 bit memory bus. This has been the configuration found in a 1060, 2060, 3060 and now a 4080?

I would view the new line up like this.
4080 12 GB as a 4060/4060ti
4080 16 Gb as a 4070
4090 as a true 4080

no the 16 GB 4080 is a 4080. the 12 GB one was supposed to be the 4070

Yeah, as others said, for the openly available benchmark scenes you can check the OpenData. If you have a specific scene of your own you want relevant numbers for you can pm me and give a file, but there’s already relevant numbers available for the public files.

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i have a file but i need some prep

The lower memory bus is due to use of a larger cache similar to what RDNA 2 has. The Die for the 4080 12GB is a 104 die which was used for the 3070.