AMD RX 580 gpu error cycles render

Anyone with an RX 580 8gb gpu I suddenly got some strange colors. Guess my card is broken after working for 2 years also no response from AMD support after 30 days.
Render-view is not good for Windows and Linux.

I think I got the answer it is something with UV maps I meshed up.

Hello, I also have this same problem and also using a RX580. Did it fixes your issue? And how exactly did you do it? Thank you.

Unfortunately not I tested first shader viewport with a new file cube and 1 image texture.
I only see the cube in black colors while render view is showing perfect colors.
Also tested with a nvidia card which shows no problems . Then i did a benchmark AMD test succesfully . So it must be a openGL problem.
Still no respons fom amd support.

Did you recently update your amd driver try rolling them back by using an earlier amd driver?

Rolling it back to an older gpu driver works for me.

Hello guys, I have had this issue with blender also. It is definetly the amd drivers.
What worked fot me : uninstall video drivers completely. Blender started to work properly. Then I updated my drivers to 20.7 and it works fine now. I will edit this and add the exaxt driver version, i spent 1 day trying to fix this issue when it happened to me.

Hi, i also got problems with RX580, can you specify the amd radeon version? 20.7.1? 20.7.2? Do you know if any more recent versions are working?

You have to use an older driver amd version. Okt 2020 should work.