AMD Threadripper 3rd gen now available, spectacular rendering performance

With a lot of refinements from the 2nd gen chips along with a significant performance increase, the new generation is able to blow away the render farms of a few years ago while not being too shabby at gaming, providing your render engine of choice can utilize these things effectively.

If I had the money, I would love something like this and get at least 4-8 times more Cycles performance in CPU rendering. I wonder if even a pair of RTX 2080’s can top this thing. :scream:


Impressive. I wonder if Apple will go for a Threadripper CPU in the near future, as they’ve already shifted from NVIDIA to AMD for GPUs.


what about 3990X ?

The site mentions it will be released next year.

The current top model already crushes anything Intel offers in some tasks, there’s no strong incentive for AMD to send it out the door right now (as opposed to doing further refinements and release it later).

curious to see what the future of rendering will be
right now i’m all in on multi RTX ti set up. i hope this was not a bad decision

It was probably a good decision when you made it.

The problem with computing in 2019 is that we’re always hearing of something better with more performance on the horizon, a situation very similar to the 1990’s/early 2000’s when each year brought out the possibility of building a far better machine.

If you want the best tech, you will never upgrade your CG machine again (because it’s already starting to look obsolete a year later), though this is good for those of us who buy every 4-5 years as we can finally get something with up to 4 times the performance again.


Will need to upgrade my machine soon and i am not sure which amd cpu i will get but one thing i am sure is that my next system will have at least 32 GB of ram since i feel squeeze in the corner with 16 currently.

yes… 16 is okay for playing games but is short when designing :confused:

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Do we have any benches ? an comparison with some GPU’s score ?

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I have been checking out cinebench tests aswell for these new beasts. I do work on 2990wx in office and it is a remarkable machine already when it comes to raw power. My home “workstation” is a 4 year old gaming laptot so I am kinda looking for an “upgrade” aswell…:slight_smile:

It is interesting how rendering time is becoming to change from status “Deadlines nightmare” to “render time what are you even talking about?”

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any gpu scores to compare with ?
if anyone have some, it could be really interresting

I was never fond of GPU rendering mainly because how CPU rendering is easy to control for multitasking (turning off few cores durning render and then still be able to do post production or even work on some different scene) so I am quite happy that CPU power is rising again (thanks to AMD).

Well I couldn’t find any direct comparition but here is Blender BMW test for new Threadripper (measured in seconds). I’ll try to find RTX 2080ti same bench.

here is RTX 2080 (same conditions BL 2.79b) image

But it is hard to measure bec that conditions are without RTX addition and without all the improvemend from for example E-cycles etc.

Cycles GPU rendering got way more support than CPU sadly.

Until your client decides all of the renders should be at 4K resolution in 2020 and then 8K in a couple of years, the display/resolution war will ensure that deadline worry remains a thing :hushed:

Disclaimer; I don’t work for any clients, just speculating based on technological trends.

Yeah that is true these high res demands are becoming more and more standard so I might got just a bit too excited… :slight_smile:

Exactly. This should be its own computing law. Every time we double our system power our render times remain the software keeps giving us new toys to play with and the bar on quality is continually raised…
I actually have a project on hold until I get my new build purely for the render time that I’ll save.

I haven’t used AMD since the very first machine I built many years back, it’s been Intel ever since. The latest i9 9900KS is what I’m putting in my new build after xmas, but I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about the threadrippers all year. Not sure though, AMD has always been just that step behind over the years.

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that doesn’t make sense :smiley: you should do some research (ryzen 3900/3950x)

8 cores in 2020 come on :wink:

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Render times, like wages, retirement and health plans, are staying same since conception. We just get to enjoy better quality :wink:

i got a ‘poor’ ryzen 7 and i confess ( except for some ddr4 contacts issue leading to BSOD ) it’s quite comfortable.
I think i cannot imagine a threadripper perf…
What i see is that AMD is getting the token from Intel ^^
and this sounds good :smiley:

Am i wrong ?