AMD unleashes Ryzen-based ultrabook processors, high performance in a tiny space.

The new chips are said to smash Intel in multi-threaded tasks and in graphics (thanks to the onboard Vega graphics). Because of this, you could actually have decent rendering and general 3D performance when on the go.

Another factor working in its favor is the improved boost features compared to the Ryzen desktop processor line, then we see AMD mastering the art of modular chip design courtesy of the infinity fabric (so parts can be swapped out and improved in a quick and easy fashion for new chip models).

I have to say, the advances made here appears to give a lot of promise for the refreshed desktop Ryzen chips that AMD is set to release next Winter (and give a reason to upgrade for those who want Octo-core architecture, but were underwhelmed by the single-core performance of Ryzen’s first generation).

With all of this news it’s no wonder that the prices of some parts continue to be elevated, so many people are seeing good reasons to get new machines :slight_smile:

Only bad thing about them having decent GPUs on board is we will probably see less AMD laptops with Nvidia cards. Which are still far superior in cycles from a quick and easy to use standpoint. Sure AMD renders really fast for final renders but rebuilding the kernel almost every other time you update a scene is ridiculous