AMD unveils new GPU's that cuts the bulk and cranks up the power

Seriously, their new ‘nano’ GPU is only 6 inches long and even their high-end one isn’t that much longer.

Despite the size, AMD claims that they will be powerful enough to render a 4K and/or VR environment (with the help of high memory bandwidth) while being efficient with power. It actually looks like they have one-upped Nvidia after several years after several years of struggle (even though Nvidia claims that some of the bulk will be cut off of their cards with Pascal).

This may be good news to say the least, if their new Zen chips also end up as good as advertised when they come out, they may have finally regained their footing.

So will this be the little card that could, I would say it’s about time that the GPU unit started losing weight at least.

I care more for the $$$ to solution.

That’s great news.