AMD - Viewport 2.91 - major drop in performance

I understand that Nvidia has been ahead with their CUDA, but AMD is not a small company either. What is more, there is this feeling lingering that OpenCL is just a moments away from being canned (multiple threads talking how it is an inferior solution on a conceptual level, and Vulcan is the way forward). Constant problems further add to this, as it seems to be quite a burden on the developers.

It really is an unfortunate situation. Current market situation has 6800/6800xt and a 3060ti set at around 1000 euro where I live. I really don’t see the green card worth that money, not even close. That being said, it would really hurt having spent a thousand on a card that has problems with basic viewport functions and shaders.

I am aware of the ProRender, however I have no plans of ever going back to 3rd party plugins. I do like Cycles, the way it looks, the way it works and how it is an integral part of Blender.

I am glad to hear you do not regret your purchase. Hope the card continues to work well for many years to come.

It took the Blender team the better part of a decade to get Cycles working with AMD cards. That was working closely with AMD to achieve this. Blender aren’t the only people to have problems with AMD’s drivers and cards. During the eight or so years that it took to get compatibility, people continued to buy AMD cards for Blender Cycles work, and sat watching their CPU render timer, all the while complaining about how it was Blender’s fault that they couldn’t do GPU renders on their AMD cards.

I don’t see how you make a choice like that. It’s as if I wanted to do Blender work but I like a particular type of computer that didn’t run Blender. Do I buy my favourite computer and sit there waiting for someone to rectify the situation? No. That’s silly. You get what works for the job you are doing.

After it took them so long to get it working, and knowing their reputation for driver issues, I wouldn’t go near an AMD card with a barge pole. I was expecting something like this to happen and here we are.

And before anyone chimes in, no, I’m not an Nvidia fanboy. I don’t think that their cards or drivers are perfect. What I can say is that they work correctly most of the time and I got a lot of renders done quickly while the AMD card owners were sat there complaining.

Buy the hardware that will get the job done.

Problem is Blender, not AMD. Blender team not know how programing OpenCL. They are programming with CUDA, and try convert this code to OpenCL and can not achieve.

AMD cards works fine. After that Blender team change codes or add new feutures based CUDA, and AMD cards begin not works properly, because this new features not programmed well for OpenCL.

Blender’s OpenCL side highly broke after Blender team add OptiX codes. OpenCL worked well 2.80 to 2.82, but after 2.83, begin broke and create artifacts.

Note that cycles was implemented as a plugin precisely to test the api and make it viable for others to integrate their plugins on the same or at least similar level.

I haven’t personally tried ProRender but from what I understand the integration is supposed to be pretty good.

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Overall integration is good.

Main downside, not all shaders are working (eg. brick shader) as such some materials are not working. So you have to be more decisive if project will be in ProRender as such can’t use certain nodes, or Cycles and you can use all of it.

Performance is quite good, and honeslty faster then Cycles.

Still I keep defaulting to Cycles due to the better control/integration with enter Blender.