AMD Zen3 - bye bye Intel?

Performance benchmarks are out for AMD’s new CPUs.

Impressive results from all sides.


Looking forward to my Ryzen 9 5900X! Upgrading from a 4790k so the 50% ST and 350% MT boosts will be welcome!

More than happy to pay a bit extra given the premium performance across all areas

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So who managed to get one?

I will admit I"m tempted, but at the same time I want a threadripper, maybe this time scalpers wont’ get them all?

My next cpu will be a AMD for sure.


I was really jacked, and wanted to get one, but then… my brain kicked in and looking around all the computer parts/projects i need to do, i’ll wait off a bit.

though will admit, I’m still waiting for any news on new Threadrippers and current socket compatibility with the TRX40 boards.

But even before all that, i’m eager to see Blender 2.92 release, that includes a patch for better “sharing/stealing” of tiles, when CPU core isn’t finished the GPU will take over to compete it.

That would give a very good balance of performance.

I upgraded to Zen 2 (3700x) last year, and have been wishing I had a few more cores for compiling code (using the incredibly resource hungry Unreal Engine for work) and was thinking about getting a 5900x. However, they sold out immediately in Japan, which gave me some time to think it over, and I realised how much I’d be spending for something that I don’t desperately need, and that I’d rather just wait for whatever the next AMD platform is if I’m going to upgrade motherboard and PSU. I’m still stuck on a Geforce 970, so holding off on the CPU and getting a GPU upgrade seems more prudent, and I might get a nice 144hz monitor too. As long as I can get work done and play Cyberpunk 2077 with raytracing I’m happy :smiley:

It’s a shame GPUs can’t accelerate code and shader compilation :frowning:


I’m also looking to upgrade from a 4790k. Its turning 6 years old so getting time for a new one. However, I will probably end up waiting for the next generation (6000 series?) A far bigger issue is my gpu. Currently using a GTX960 2Gb which is really struggling. Just waiting for the dust to settle on this generation’s release before getting one.

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Yeah, I upgraded my 970 first, to a 3080. That was more important IMO, but the CPU will make a huge difference as well!

I’ll probably be doing a new build next year as I can’t go any further on this machine. I think I built it about 7 years ago and I’ve pimped it out as far as it will go. I’m very likely going to switch to AMD on the next build. I’ve been dabbling in Houdini the last few weeks and it’s all CPU so a nice, fast, cheap, multicore, processor is top of the list.

I was thinking about stripping out what I can from this machine but it doesn’t make any sense. The only thing that’s really worth keeping is the 2080Super but by the time I start a new build I’ll be able to afford 2 3080’s so this thing will maybe just stay as a slow render machine.

At the top of single thread performance, nice prices:

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The pitfall of buying a new PC in 2020, there is always something better around the corner.

AMD is already talking about some sizable gains anticipated for the Zen4 GPU’s coming out at this time next year (in both performance and in wattage) as they move to TSMC’s 5 nanometer process, and they say it will be the same story with RDNA3.

My current PC is very unlikely to break in the next year (as it only dates back to the Zen+/Pascal days), decisions, decisions.

threadripper is insane !
You’ll be out of competition !
U cheater :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m already out of competition… at least with first gen Threadripper.

my 1950x scores about 6000+ points in Cinebench. the 5950… 10,000+ … (me crying in the corner)

So… yeah, i’m way behind.

But at the same time, to be honest, its all about how you use it to make imrpessive scenes. I’ve seen people do impressive work with far less hardware then me.

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Really no rush for me as B450 drivers only get patched next year. Hopefully that 5950X price goes down, but not counting on it.