AMD's new top GPU's could be used for path tracer noise removal & More

Ive been looking into the new architectures of AMD’s chips. They have this new True audio or something that many people have mistaken as some new sound card replacement, but it’s not. It’s a very powerful on Die fully programmable DSP Processor. Which leads me to ask the question could we use this DSP for realtime BVH builds, or even Realtime low latency path tracer noise removal. This guy has some nice idea’s that i think will transfer very well to on core filtering of path traced images using the DSP. Need Feedback on this. Cheers

Realtime noise removal algorithm for path traced scene’s: Page

so your going to have a 2nd amd gpu just to do this
cycles is still nvidia right now

No, These new cards have this True audio tech built in. But it’s actually not fixed hardware, It’s just a good old fasioned very powerful DSP that’s being used for creating much higher quality audio. The DSP can be programmed to do what ever you want, with my idea that would be helping out real time BVH building or better suited real time path tracer noise removal, why waste this separate kit built into the die when rendering when not needed for audio. In the past people have used GPU’s to process Audio data for studio quality sampling, now you have a dsp built in for audio that could be used for filtering image data not audio, In theory should be possible.