AMD's (ProRender) Plugin for Blender Previewed

(thomascheng) #181

Great news!

(Fatesailor) #182

I do duplicate the requests of Cgstrive… I think that they are still the most needed features in any renderer working with Blender. Namely: a powerful procedural ‘dirt and decay in the edges’ shading and a beveling shading. The ‘pointiness’ in Cycles is good but does not do the dirt and decay in the edges work.

Dirt and decay in the edges and their being slightly beveled are some of the main components that make a model look real, so anyone can imagine the importance of having such features.

(bsavery) #183

Regarding doing that in cycles, I’ve seen a few OSL script shaders that achieve something similar (it’s always going to be slow though).

We have something similar on our radar for ProRender

(Fatesailor) #184

This is great news! : - )

Yes, there are some such osl scripts -I have experimented with them many times- but other than their being slow in rendering times they do have some other shortcomings too: they are not working in a fully procedural way and they are very poor in the options that they offer. So, I think that Blender needs, in its rendering choices, a really efficient shading tool which does such things. Something like the one in the video which Cgstrive shared.

(cet77) #185

Just wondering about something. I’d like to install this, but i’m using Antergos, and the installer is for *buntu and the likes… Has anyone been successful in installing on antergos or arch?

(ajm) #186

Could not do gamma correction on color image files (they were stuck in linear space). I think I read earlier in the thread that this will be addressed, but didn’t catch if this was planned for the next release, or further down the line.

(thomascheng) #187

Can you guys make sure RPR have special optimization for mesh lights. I believe Sony has a white paper on optimizing mesh lights, which makes life a lot easier.

(ajm) #188

Uber Shader 2 crashes Blender 2.79 when connected to material output. Anywhere to report bugs?

(chafouin) #189

You can report them on their forum:
I have that crash as well but haven’t reported it yet.

(bsavery) #190

We’re aware, and trying to fix before release next week. Thanks though! Keep reporting stuff.

(Metin Seven) #191

Any news about a MacOS version of ProRender? It seems odd that support for MacOS is lagging, while Apple devices solely contain AMD graphics cards for years now. ProRender will surely shine on the upcoming iMac Pro.

(bsavery) #192

News is we are hoping early december for Maya and Blender. Cinema4D has support now.

(Metin Seven) #193

That’s great news, thanks for the info!

(AaronX) #194

Great news, thank you! :slight_smile:

(bsavery) #195

New builds are available!

  • Improved performance (especially on AMD hardware)
  • Faster interactive rendering
  • Shadow Catcher
  • IES lights

Also as it’s come up a few times people have asked for a shader similar to Cycles “Principled” shader (aka the Disney PBR shader model). There is a shader called Uber2 which is kind of a more advanced version of that. Simply hit the checkbox to turn on the metallic specular workflow in the reflection section of that and you can do similar things.

Looking forward to seeing some awesome renders!

(AlmaTalp) #196

Thanks, BSavery. It seems to be a lot faster.

I checked the new Uber2 PBR shader; maybe it is my fault, but it seems to be broken to me. Is there any tutorial/guide/example project for that? After assigning metallic map the roughness becomes matte on reflective dielectric materials.


(carlosan) #197

A lot faster and overwhelming render quality !
Thx !


& stable :yes:

Tho still lots of work needed, features are left to be desired.

  • blackbody / color temperature node (you put IES in & left this one out :rolleyes:)
  • denoiser (takes ages to clear dark areas & caustics)
  • halt condition based on the amount of noise
    - Where are Render Quality & AA settings (User Guide, pg. 49)? Gone? (as an artist, i love to be in control of how much bias is introduced - for efficiency & client demands)

then am bothered by:

  • blockage/freezing of Blender buttons while rendering (only escape key, zoom & pan controls work)
  • with preview render on (no pause button?) every click/opened tab restarts the preview

Finally, i’d like to know where can i read about the inner workings (techniques & methods used, pros & cons, hints & tips…)? Is anything available (except User Guide)? Is it open source or not? Do you also have any benchmarks, feature list, road map?

Thank you

edit - 5h test (i still prefer LuX renderer, tho it’s getting close)

(bsavery) #199

Hey Burnin. Always good questions. Starting at the back. You can dive a bit more into the inner workings of the open source renderer (different shader setup but similar)

-blackbody/temp. Are you looking for lights with physical temperature controls or shaders to do that? I’ve seen both in render engines, we are looking to expose them on lights.

  • Denoiser. Can’t announce anything but look in the commits of the open source renderer.
  • Halt condition on noise ! Yes! I’m a big advocate of that. Another thing you can do is adaptive sampling based on that, ie. stop the pixels that have met the noise condition.
  • Quality and AA settings, in the user guide it should be noted they are moved to the RPR Sampling settings, now all samples are used for AA, but you can still set the width. Just to be clear, the “Quality” setting never actually set the amount of tricks/bias, it simply set the number of samples and max ray depth. IMO that is an obfuscating setting, and an explicit ray depth is more clear. Now, that being said what you’re talking about with a quality/correctness setting is an interesting idea and something we have talked about.

I think your other two issues are more limitations of the Blender API, but I’ll dive a bit more into the code to see if there’s anything that can be done.

Tips and tricks I’m hoping to work on some tutorial videos soon.

I’d assume the speed is a bit better than luxrender no?

(bsavery) #200

Here’s my basic setup