AMD's (ProRender) Plugin for Blender Previewed

(OmarSquircleArt) #201

I agree with cet77. You still haven’t provided any linux version other than Ubuntu. I am not sure why? I don’t think it is that hard.
As an Arch user, we can help adding Pro Render to AUR, if given a working source and an installation guide.

(AlmaTalp) #202

Thanks, bsavery, it is broken. :frowning:
I could send you an example file.

Some notes:

For the Normal Map it needs to be insert a Normal Map node to make it work.

Suggestion: for normal maps it would be great to offer some additional parameters like ‘Invert Green Channel’, Flip Channels, etc.
It would speed up the workflow, also saves disk space.

Overall workflow:

I don’t really understand the reason behind ‘double wiring’ the input maps. Best workflow/GUI would be a ‘Switch’ between Metallic/Specular workflow. Double wiring makes no sense for me and it doubles the time for setting up a material.

Also, workflow wise it would be great to have:

  • an ‘Invert’ checkbox (or Math node) to use Smoothness (Unity) instead of Roughness.
  • color settings on the input nodes to select gamma/color space (like linear or sRGB)
  • Alpha+ Separate channels options built in (for supporting optimized textures where an RGB image contains Roughness, Metalness, AO, etc.)


(bsavery) #203

Send me a file, yes, or post on our support site. The double wiring is because we have a more complex shader with more inputs than something like the principled shader, in essence behind the scenes Principled takes your “roughness” setting and applies it to both diffuse and specular with some math applied. We could and will offer a “simple” mode that has more similar inputs to the Principled or UE shader.

For the invert part at least there is a math node fyi.

(AlmaTalp) #204

Cool and thanks for the quick response.

If I may suggest, you could make it in even van Uber node with selecting simple/advanced modes or have a checkbox what is automatically ‘ticked’ for using the ‘simple’ output for the additional ones (like ‘use for diffuse roughness’).

I will send you the file in minutes.

(thomascheng) #205

I’m on the road with my surface pro at the moment. I know the intel integrated gpu isn’t all that great, but I can’t get RPR to work on my surface pro. My iGPU does support opencl. Would like to test some basics, but can’t get it to run.

(AlmaTalp) #206

‘For the invert part at least there is a math node fyi.’

Yep, a dedicated ‘Invert’ would be faster for workflow IMO (like in Cycles, UE or Max).


Thanks a lot for this. Baikal already slipped my mind. :slight_smile:

& Must admit, the more complex is getting the scene the more i like the results from RPR.
Yup, mostly i love when interactivity goes both ways (bidirectional & real time). Why i fell for LuX & SPPM. :smiley:

Feature request for Checker or Blur value to control Caustics.

Since this summer, after i did lots of observation on the coast, i noticed that ‘caustics’ contribute & make up quite a difference to lighting such scene. Depending on the scenario, i am assuming that roughly 70% is added (bounced in) to overall brightness (especially in a shade on a bright sunny day surrounded by large wet surface or body of water or other highly reflective/glossy materials - ie. coastal, urban, industrial areas near cars, boats, glass facades…) excluding the extra diversity & value they add to the composition and overall intricacy/believability of such rendered image. Scenes alike are very heavy to produce, to lit & render naturalistically, thus control over blurring caustics & reducing noise would be more than welcome.

Blackbody just for Lights and Emission Shader, elsewhere RAL, Pantone, … color libraries are more in demand and use.

(Pitiwazou) #208

Tried to install it but it don’t find openCL on my computer.

I have quadro drivers.

Any ideas ?

(rogper) #209

I’m on Linux Mint 18.2 and I’m also with the missing Blender Path error:

[email protected] ~/Blender $ ./radeonprorenderforblender.1.4.0.runVerifying archive integrity… All good.
Uncompressing Radeon ProRender for Blender 100%
the following arguments are required: blender_path
usage: [-h] [–no-matlib] [-v] [–log-file LOG_FILE]
[–distr-dir DISTR_DIR]

positional arguments:
blender_path Blender distro folder

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
–no-matlib Install material library
-v, --verbose print debug info
–log-file LOG_FILE save log to file
–distr-dir DISTR_DIR
location for unpacked distributiion

Linux guys should know by pure instinct how to install .run software ha? :slight_smile:

(bsavery) #210

@pitiwazou I’m not as familiar with “the other guys” drivers, but I think the latest ones should support opencl depending on the card.

@rogper What every linux guy doesn’t write bash scripts in his sleep??? I think you just need to run ./ <insert blender location here>


Check if OpenCL.dll is present in your system. (ie. “c:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\OpenCL…”)

Note: RPR needs OpenCL 1.2 feature supported to work

“Vulkan 1.0 and OpenCL 1.2 available with Driver 375+ for Kepler, Maxwell, Pascal” (wiki) but on NVidia Quadro K5000 site OCL 1.1 is specified.

(Pitiwazou) #212

I have the .dll ;/

(juang3d) #213

Just to try to help, what is your nvidia driver version?

(Pitiwazou) #214

It’s working, updated to the last drivers !

EDIT : It seems it doesn’t want me :confused:

Same result with the installed version.

(ajm) #215

Which card do you own? I had the same issue until updating drivers, nVidia, however, has a narrow range of cards that support the needed OpenCL version.

(Pitiwazou) #216

On a portable build (with a config directory in 2.79 folder) that works.

(rogper) #217

@bsavery: It worked it installed, thanks!
But guess what :slight_smile: “Works with any card” they say… well, that is except the Geforce Titan X

(OmarSquircleArt) #218

I am having the same errors, did you get it to work?

(thomascheng) #219

I also have the same trackback error on my i5 with integrated gpu iris graphics. I know it supports opencl 1.2 and 2.0, but can’t get it to activate. I’ll be back in the US on Monday, will test it on my main workstation next.

(mathieu) #220

I just installed 1.4.0. It’s indeed much faster than the first version I tried (1024spp BMW in 40sec on a 1080Ti+Vega64) and more stable. But the highlight are very big and some noise patterns are showing up:

It’s the result of opening the official benchmark file, clicking on “convert all cycles materials” in material tab and rendering at 1024spp. Note how noisy the carpaint is near the headlights and the headlight reflection on the ground too.