AMD's (ProRender) Plugin for Blender Previewed

(Herbert123) #241

Maxon will not release ProRender for Prime, that much is clear at this point, because it wouldn’t make sense for them to allow high-level new features to become part of the basic Prime package. They need users to have reasons to buy into the more expensive versions.

C4d users are getting the short end of the stick: with Max, Blender, SolidWorks, etc. the instant AMD releases a new version of ProRender, users can update to that version. Not so with the C4D version: Maxon keeps strict control, which means that C4D users will have to wait until the next major new version is released, and pay double to gain access to a production-ready ProRender.

The current version in C4D is only a half-finished affair, and barely out of alpha in my opinion. I compared Blender’s integration with the one in C4d 19, and I can tell you that ProRender in Blender is not only production ready (for stills at the very least), but that the integration is far better and actually simpler in use. And Blender renders MUCH faster than the one in C4d (same settings, same scene).

(Charbel Nicolas) #242

How is the modo implementation coming along?


same thoughts here
add Maya to that equation with much better integration

IMO C4D is becoming Barbie in LegoLand (Iray engine is leaving her in few days, PRMan seems to be long gone, only older Houdini generation performing it’s magic…)

Modo dev. are planning it’s own GPU engine for it

PS (@bsavery)
After lots of studies, Lux is still faster and better looking, but RPR is doing great nonetheless - it’s advantage is in being more oriented toward Artists while Lux is more technical… You need to get the community rolling along (before it gets too late), that’s the real force :wink:

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When are we getting builds for other linux distributions? I tried the Ubuntu build in Arch linux(Blender 2.79, Python 3.6) but it does work and outputs some assertion and relative import errors.

(carlosan) #245

Any tip to get Hair Shader ?
-melanin, tint lobes, transmission, … -

(bsavery) #246

Regarding community outreach… we also have a discord server for sharing renders, questions, bugs, etc! Please join us.


Yes, thanks for the link :slight_smile:
Although am quite busy at the moment, but hopefully will find some time to write more…

(bsavery) #248

Hey guys and gals! Some fun updates today with denoising (and interactive denoising!) and PBR shader and more.

I’ll be answering questions on our discord server and talking about future developments…

(chafouin) #249

Wow, development is going really fast, I like it! :slight_smile:

(shawn.kearney) #250

I couldn’t get it to compile shaders on C4D, nor get it to install on CentOS.

(tobbew) #251

Interrsting. I must try it again. Has anyone tried the new version yet? Does it support deformation motion blur and viewport material mode?

(tobbew) #252

Oh forgot, how good is this denoiser with animations?


Hi, bsavery!

Great work on the development & thanks for keeping us posted.

First impression on the updated engine - is more responsive, also denoiser is quite effective :slight_smile:

One (main) thing bothering me is (distracting the workflow/disrupting flow of thoughts), in almost all cases, whenever a value is changed - interactive renderer restarts - even if only tone mapper exposure is changed, or if Material Browser is opened (for the first time), or if another material is just previewed/selected but not applied…

  • Can anything be done about it (especially on tone mapping & mat. preview area)?
    or would it at least be possible to implement a Pause button?
    (To get image ‘stick’ in preview window so user can observe/know about the changes done & at the same time comparing Material Preview to IR ‘previous’ iteration. Would take out the need to render to editor while iterating for look development.)


with latest version Quadro M5000 constantly crashes (RPR 1.5 || *with 1.4 runs fine) :

*EDIT 2, 3, 4...
  • clean re-install
  • started a fresh scene
  • works for now
  • looking further…

… very unstable with IBL, much less than before, using GPU + CPU renders empty image, no denoiser with CPU, denoiser always crashes using Quadro, using all units GPU+GPU+CPU (no denoiser) sometimes works, depending on?

Feature request:

  • Scale for IBL Map
  • more nodes (HSV, gamma, RGB curves for texture/image control)

How can i get to some logs, reports?

(jovlem) #254

Is that viewport denoising only available for the Blender version or do Maya and 3ds Max already have it ( and are there video’s from it )?

Anyway, it would be great to have that viewport denoising also in Cycles.
Also support for the principled shader what be awesome ( and being able to toggle between Eevee ).

(thomascheng) #255

It’s for Blender now and will eventually be available for Maya and Max later. It is also exclusive to RPR. It’s their method anyway.

(AaronX) #256

Any news about a mac built?

(Metin Seven) #257

Hi guys / Bsavery,

Can you use Blender’s render layers to separate RPR’s render output — including the shadow catcher — and use the results in Blender’s Compositor?

I’m eagerly looking forward to the release of RPR for Blender on Mac OS, so I can have a go at it.



(ajm) #258

I filed a bug report for this also. It crashes every time with my GTX970 when activating the denoising feature. It must be a nVidia thing, since I haven’t heard AMD cards having the problem.

(ajm) #259

You can submit bug here


Hi, thanks for the info.
Yes, have found those links in the documentation & i also looked on github for issues :slight_smile:

On the stability side of RPR, which drivers are you using?
There’s driver regression with 378+
Also, with 388.13 drivers installed i lost OCL capabilities on one of the cards. Am using older now.

Within render preview all seems fine, as if everything works.
But with final render it all starts collapsing, freezing, crashing, idling…
CPU becomes useless: “ERROR: Check log for details” - where’s the log to check? With denoiser disabled there’s no rendering done at all. All i get is an empty slate. PC idles / RPR freezes? At least on GPU it used to work so-so couple of days ago on 13. 12. 2017, but today i still haven’t rendered a single image.
Need a break.

Uuuu… Found the log :rolleyes: Location on windows 7:

“C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.79\scripts\addons\rprblender\rprblender.log”

& don’t forget


(It’s not just ‘About’, ain’t it - is much more. So, why’s that hard or wrong with using the word ‘HELP’? For me it was a reason why i never bothered & went looking further down under the logo after the copyright text :p)