AMD's (ProRender) Plugin for Blender Previewed

(tobbew) #281

So the cyclesfile did indeed use caustics. That’s a part of more noise. Also the highlight seems wider and stronger so I’d assume the light is stronger or the material more reflective, both which can increase noise. Cycles is not that good at mesh lights. If you used area lights there would have been less noise, that however might be true for both engines. Now the comparison images between the renders are hard to judge due to those differences. However, the denoiser seems very interesting and it seem superior to the one in cycles. Once they release a version which works on my computer I’ll certainly try it out.

(bsavery) #282

FYI ProRender does caustics as well which you can see on the floor.

(Gelert) #283

Season’s greetings everyone! I had a brief go with RPR on a Windows box and was very impressed. When is the macOS version dropping? I can’t wait to use it with Blender. Thanks.

(dns_di) #284

What is the best drivers for rendering for AMD vega 64? I know there are gaming drivers, also block chain drivers… Maybe AMD willing to release rendering drivers as well?

(Gelert) #285

I had a brief go with RPR on Windows 10 using an eGPU AMD RX 580 card and it was really good. Very impressive. When is it coming out on macOS for Blender?

(Metin Seven) #286

Hi Bsavery,

Any news regarding the MacOS version of AMD ProRender?



(serviteur) #287

@ Bsavery,

Tried to install version 1.5 on a portable build (with a config directory in 2.79 folder) but my system seems incompatible with Radeon ProRender for OpenCL.

OS: Windows 10 pro (1709), GPU Quadro 4000M, eGPU Nividia GTX 580

Any solutions ?

(Gelert) #288

I really really can’t wait for the macOS version of Radeon ProRender for Blender to come out.

I setup a quick sim on my mac. Cycles wanted many hours to render it even at low resolution (400x600) so I sent it over to an old laptop running Bootcamp and Windows 10 using a Sonnet Breakaway TB3 eGPU (with TB2 converter) and an AMD RX 580 (the Apple dev kit) and very quickly setup some RPR textures. Then rendered a few frames and decided 20 seconds of Render time (which was getting around 100 iterations) per frame was acceptable at 720P and let it render. 480 frames later and I got this:

Rendering a few stills from it at 2 minutes per image at 1080P produces utterly stunning renders. RPR is AMAZING. It’s absolutely mind bending how quick it is.

I did a test and on the same hardware, same model using Cycles a render took 40 minutes and RPR did a WAY better job in 40 seconds.

Can we get a beta download for the macOS Blender plug-in?

The last animation of 400 odd frames I rendered out using Cycles on my Mac took 15 HOURS to get acceptable quality. I need to set that one up in RPR soon and test it. I bet it’ll look amazing.

The excitement is definitely building for RPR on Blender for macOS.

(D3Pixel) #289

yeah I have been waiting for support for ages. Have 2 x D700’s in this Mac Pro and nothing uses them which makes me dislike AMD if I am honest.

A quick tip on your animation, if you ever re-render, make sure you click the tiny clock icon for “seed” in Sampling tab so that noise does not slide across surfaces (screen space) when the camera moves.

(thomascheng) #290

I think you can get a prerelease on discord.

(D3Pixel) #291

Interesting. Have a discord link?


^ posted few pages back :yes:

(D3Pixel) #293

Thanks for the link

(Gelert) #294

I had noticed that my noise all stayed the same and tried to fix it in Premier with no luck. Thanks for the tip! I didn’t know about that button - it’s on Cycles. However, it’s not available on RPR Render. Is there another way to achieve the same randomised seed for noise on RPR animations?

(tobbew) #295

Is there anyone who has tried exporting using radeon pro render and importing into unreal using the unreal importer?
edit: seems to only be for solidworks.

(thomascheng) #296

Yeah, I saw the solidworks presentation. They also mentioned they will look at provding Blender support in the future.

(AaronX) #297

Just testing the mac os beta,
out of the box, 2:30 min render time @ 4k.

Really great! :slight_smile:

(ajm) #298

Make sure your cards are compatible with OpenCL 1.2 (I believe) and you have the latest drivers installed. Not all drivers for nVidia cards support OpenCL.

(BigBlend) #299

Has anyone an idea how to make SSS work?

(moody23) #300

I’ve just installed Radeon prorenderer v1.5 for blender 2.79 windows 10
it didn’t give me any errors during installation but when i tried to activate its addon it give me this

what is this ,what does it mean ,how to solve the problem