AMD's (ProRender) Plugin for Blender Previewed

(moody23) #301

I’ve just installed Radeon prorenderer v1.5 for blender 2.79 on windows 10
it didn’t show any errors during set up but when I tried activating the addon I get this
what is the problem, and how to fix it ? can any body help…please

(BigBlend) #302

Maybe the enable “Auto Run Python Scripts” in user preferences under the ‘File’ tab.

(thomascheng) #303

Someone had issues on discord. He said he fixed it by cleaning out the nvidia drivers with a special uninstall software and reinstalling the latest drivers.

Windows 10 pro update can break some driver support.

(moody23) #304

nope …it didn’t work
but thanks for the response any way :slight_smile:
since I’ve just joined in today ( at first I thought something went wrong with my post since it didn’t show up right away so I posted it again and it didn’t show either but now here it is …why did it took so long to show any way !!!
if any one know something else to try please help :confused:


look up

uninstall window’s drivers - clean - install nvidia’s

RPR works fine here with
qM5000 & gtx1060 both using 390.77

(moody23) #306

I’m already using that driver version (390.77) for my gtx 960m :slight_smile:

(Remade) #307

is it faster than cycles for cpu only render?

(Gelert) #308

As a basic is it working test put RPR Uber shader on a plane and set up SSS colours. Turn everything else off. Then setup a spotlight behind the plane and it’ll shine through using the colours you’ve set. Works a charm in RPR.

(BigBlend) #309

It’s a different render all around. So getting the same look is hard.


^^ it all depends :rolleyes:

give yourself a treat by experiencing

but not that different, more often i (& you too) can get a better look faster

(moody23) #311

I’m already using that driver 390.77
gtx 960m


oh, yeah i missed your error report on previous page

So installation of RPR went smoothly, but now you can’t enable the addon?

Do this:

  1. Have & Use Standalone/Testing Blender version
    (extracted latest official zipped version with ‘config’ folder created within version number - along the ‘scripts’, ‘python’ & ‘datafiles’).

  2. Migrate or Copy/Paste ‘rprblender’
    (addon folder located in your installment of ‘roaming’ blender scipts/addons folder to the above mentioned Testing version scripts/addons folder).

  3. Test!

(BigBlend) #313

Subsurface scattering is impossible to make as good like Cycles.

(moody23) #314

Thanks man but it didn’t work either it shows the same thing as before :frowning:


yup :yes: and PBR shader is also not near as good as Principled = buggy
CPU in testing phase, prone to crash
multi-GPU similar… ie 4k image renders on every single card, but when multi is applied it crashes instantly…
denoisers so-so…

but updated version should be out soonish

sort of headache & heartache combined :smiley: why i advise experiencing first hand, one can easily recognize where one self stands in life, as mind-body-soul growing, personal evolution is a wonderful thing

(bsavery) #316

Hear ye, hear ye.

We have a new beta build available for macOS using Metal (not OpenCL). Come join us on

Download an installation guide here:

Please discuss issues on the discord link above. Also we are working on some great things, PBR fixes, etc looking to release mid April.

(glmr) #317

very interesting product and much faster than any rendering software I ever seen. just have some bugs with black spots and transparent subsurface. I already reported about these bugs and hope that next update will be perfect.

(bsavery) #318

Hey all, update to out plugins was released today:

macOS support via Metal, plus many new features:

  • Support for macOS High Sierra 10.13.3+ using Metal® 2. eGPU devices requires macOS® High Sierra 10.13.4.

  • PBR and Uber shader get more intuitive subsurface scattering parameters, simply set a scattering color and length for how far internal reflection should go in a surface.

  • PBR Shader Updates:

  • PBR shader is updated to easily do glass, organic, metal, plastic or diffuse materials.

  • Emissive weight is added to mix emissivity with the surface.

  • Cycles “Principled Shader” is converted to PBR nodes when using material conversion.

  • Uber Shader Updates:

  • Uber is now the default shader when adding a material.

  • Many new AOV’s, useful for compositing or diagnostics are added to render passes.

  • These now appear automatically in Blender’s compositor as well.

  • An additional control for setting camera exposure to allow adding more motion blur is added.

  • Image texture nodes now have a setting for “Texture Gamma”. Set this to “sRGB” for color maps (such as PBR albedo textures). All other texture usually should stay as the default setting, “Linear”. This will fix washed out looking color textures.

  • Physically based lighting controls greatly improve lighting setups.

  • Additional area light shapes include: Rectangle, Disk, Cylinder, and Spheres.

  • Light color can be set by temperature, color, texture, or all three.

  • Intensity can be set additionally with physical units.

  • Color Ramp Shaders are now available.

  • Max diffuse/reflection depth controls are added. This allows performance optimization for scenes that don’t need much GI.

  • Adaptive Subdivision - in addition to setting a uniform subdivision level, this control allows setting subdivision level that “adapts” based on how large an object is to the camera. Closer objects will refine more, while far away object will not over-subdivide. This setting is in pixel units, so “1” will subdivide to approximately one pixel in size, set it to higher for coarser subdivision or lower for finer.

  • Blender smoke is rendered as a volume object.

(Simon Storl-Schulke) #319

Really nice Upate! This is really taking off :yes:. One Question: Is it possible to combine Glass with Volume Absorption? Just tinting the Refraction isn’t very realistic for thin parts of colored glass objects. At the moment, it seems as soon as you plug in a volume shader, only the volume gets rendered, not the surface shader.
An alternative would be to implement Beer-Lambert-Absorption into the Refraction Shaders (this is how it was done in Cycles before the addition of the Volume Absorption Shader)


Since no Win/Linux was mentioned & DL file name doesn’t reveal anything… Please add versioning to it.
1.6.152 is available. Such a simple little detail fares far :wink: