AMD's (ProRender) Plugin for Blender Previewed

(bsavery) #361

Full release notes are here:

(carlosan) #362

Weekly Beta builds of Radeon ProRender for Blender.

But cant find any info about Cryptomatte support.

(bsavery) #363

Nothing on cryptomatte yet. However we just put out new plugins for Q4 with some fun updates:

  • Sheen added to uber shader
  • New material library with separate installer
  • More interactive viewport renders
  • Light group AOVS
  • Stability improvements, and more!

(carlosan) #365

Thanks for your answers.
In my work we were seriously thinking about using RPR in a next project but the absence of cryptomatte makes that impossible at the moment.
Do you have a roadmap of a possible integration ?

(isigrim) #366

Thanks for the Update.
I am interested in testing this with a Ryzen 2500u. There seems to be something wrong with v1.8 Windows Installer though which only is around 20 MB and cannot be installed.

(bsavery) #367

Hey @carlosan. I’d love to hear more about your workflow. How are you using cryptomatte in your compositing? My understanding is that it was just added to Blender Cycles in the last few weeks?

Either way, cryptomatte (and similar is essentially just an index of objectID’s to object names, so it is something we could do at some point.

@isigrim . Yes the new installer is much smaller, but I think it is bigger than 20mb. You might have a bad download. Note that the new installer doesn’t include the material library and there is a separate installer for that.

(Chad Gleason) #368

I’ve been really interested in trying out ProRender due to it’s support for Apple’s Metal Compute. I do have a few questions if anyone can help.

  1. I’ve been reading about deformation motion blur support in Cinema4D. Does that mean such support is available in blender or will be soon?

  2. What kind of plans does the dev team have for Blender 2.8? Are there plans to give it a level of EEVEE integration like being able to visualize prorender shaders in the realtime viewport?

  3. Yeah, Crytomatte too. :slight_smile:

  4. Concerning Metal Compute, does that support out-of-core memory? Or will it crash once it runs out of GPU memory?


(carlosan) #369

Cryptomatte is a multichannel image, typically in EXR format, that stores ID and pixel coverage pairs, along with additional metadata that stores the original name of each ID (be it material name, or object name, or any arbitrary user property of your choosing).

It allows you to extract matte based on selected IDs which can be used to mask out specific elements when making minor adjustments in compositing.

(bsavery) #370

Thanks! I’m actually quite familiar with it. Actually my question was how you were using it in your workflow to understand a bit better.

(carlosan) #371

We use it as usual, multilayered exr render > Comp on Fusion with automatic meshID.
This step help us to avoid prerender the mattes of every single mesh.

In most cases Compositors in production request RGBA mattes for CG elements from the CG Artists. Depending on the complexity of the scene this could become quite the task as your limited to 4 channels per image. you can spend hours if not days of artists time creating mattes for comp. Cryptomattes eliminates all of that by providing one pass that includes a matte for everything that is rendered.

Andy (one of the creators of cryptomatte) added some info about integration on Cycles, may be you like to take a look ?

(Roken) #372

Is there any hope on the horizon of supporting non 'buntu Linux systems (and in particular, not Debian derivatives). Even if self-building, it would be better than nothing.

(oaschwab) #373

I used majaro without any problems.

(isigrim) #374

Thanks for the reply. Maybe you want to check that Windows Installer. There does not seem to be a problem on my side.

(drgci) #375

Hey can you tell us how big is the user base of blender pro renderer Compared to maya cinema4d or 3ds max?
I mean the majority of rendering engines dies in the open source because blender cycles eating them all!

(DenysKurnosov) #376

What about ProRender for Blender 2.8? Tried to install it - does not compatible yet.


this is the latest info about 2.80 support (source: Radeon ProRender Discord)

(bsavery) #378

What that guy said. It will be more closely integrated into blender shaderwise than the previous plugin.

(BigBlend) #379

Why do we need to register activation code every time?


(bsavery) #380

We are giving away free software. We ask that users register and if they wish sign up for AMD hardware related emails. Do you feel this is too pushy? You should only need to once and use the same code.

(BigBlend) #381

Every time I download an update I have to get the activation key because I don’t keep it around. It is not a good user experience.