AMD's (ProRender) Plugin for Blender Previewed


proPronder does not require an AMD card, so Nvidia should be fine. This is an early releases so crashes are to be expected. The fact that you are on High Sierra should not affect it but it is possible.

I doubt it will be a Cycles replacement any time soon. Like Blender 2.8 will need time to stabilize. Most likely it has a small team of devs behind it.

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I know ProRender will not be Cycles replacement soon but I can’t use High Sierra forever. There are software that require Mojave already. I want to be able to use both Blender and macOS and I’m looking for options. I ordered Vega and will see how it works.

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ProRender makes good impression to me. Does ProRender support hair on Linux?


Well you can still use Cycles on CPU mode. But yeah GPU wise its currently a dead end. But I can confirm otherwise that Blender is fully functional on Mojave because I regularly build it once a week at least.

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Using CPU when I have multiple fast GPUs? Hmm… Unfortunately without Nvidia support Blender is non-functional for me.

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Windows builds are fixed.

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I’m very curious how well ProRender performs using an NVidia GPU. Does it fully utilize the power of both AMD and NVidia GPUs?


:slight_smile: Indeed.

Works well on different NVidia’s GPUs in single machine.
Haven’t put AMD’s in the mix yet. It’s not officially advised, but should work.
IIRC, Dade (LuxCore author/developer) is using such mixed setup with its own tool.

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AMD Radeon ProRender for Blender 2.80 Beta
We are excited to finally talk publicly about a version of Radeon ProRender that supports Blender 2.80! Blender 2.80 is has a great deal of interest from users due to its radical changes to the workflow, and we thought it was only appropriate to give the ProRender plugin the same attention. We have been working hard over the last few months and this is just a preview of what the final product will be. Expect updates weekly-ish until Blender 2.80 is released and a final plugin ready when Blender is. Hats off to the Blender Institute for such a game-changing release!

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Hi carlosan.
I would love to try it. But I can not find an installer for linux machines.

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Thank you for the linux build.

To get it working on ubuntu 18.10, I had to …

apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dev

after, everything works fine.