AMD's Radeon ProRender addon for Blender 2.80

There was a previous thread, but since that got a bit long and unwieldy, and we totally rewrote the addon for Blender 2.80, started a new one.

(render from Mike Pan)

AMD’s Radeon ProRender is a GPU (and CPU) pathtracing renderer which supports most vendor’s hardware. Especially for macOS users, this fills a gap for GPU rendering. For Blender 2.80 we’ve completely rewritten the addon for speed and stability and closer tie in to blender (you can use native nodes). Also we’ve added some cool new features like hair rendering, adaptive sampling and ML Denoising (windows only for now).

More info here:
And the downloads are here:

AMD is committed to the Blender community and very excited for the Blender 2.80 release!


their plugin seems nicely integrated that’s nice

Thank you for making this? How does the speed compare to Cycles using an nvidia card for both

How does the speed compare to Cycles using an nvidia card for both

I’d say there’s two ways to look at the “speed” thing. The real question should be “how quickly can I get to a render I like”. In that regard with the Blender 2.80 plugin we switched to using Blender native nodes so that should help your workflow in that you can use the shaders you already have. Also we provide “extra” features like our denoiser, lights and Uber shader which let an expert user do more in less time. So that’s an important point with regard to speed.

In actual render times it should be fairly similar to cycles. If you’re on macOS though since cycles in Blender 2.80 doesn’t support GPU rendering it will be much faster.

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Sounds promising. Does prorender support all cycles nodes?

Something which may cause some confusion down the road - there are no version identifiers in the filenames so no way to know if there has been a bugfix update, and the file names of the downloads for 2.79 and 2.80 are the same.

I’ve been waiting for this update. Thanks.

I think it has it’s own PBR shader, and not Cycles one, at least that is what I recall

It’s called Uber but you can use Principled BSDF as well.

Not all of Blender’s nodes are supported yet but lots are.

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Thanks for the clarity. That means I now have to try ProRender even more so. :slight_smile:

Looks very promising so far. I do get a crash if I try to enable GPU and CPU devices at the same time, and CPU only does not seem to work (render ends immediately without calculating anything). In progressive GPU final render mode, it frequently freezes up and requires killing Blender. I think it’s having trouble synchronizing between the render thread and the interactive display.

But preview (3dview Lookdev or Rendered mode) is quite impressive. It will lock up everything for several seconds when it needs to recompile shaders from scratch (adding a new material, etc.) but interactive tweaking of node parameters is speedy and gives immediate feedback.

There’s a separately insstallable materials library, and to save you the trouble I went through I will tell you that you can find it at the bottom of the Material tab in the Properties window once you have it installed.

Hey @Zoot. Can you post your issue on ? We track bugs there.

The biggest thing for me on this is seeing Motion Blur for Deformable Objects for character animation.

I’m on a Mac (iMac with Radeon 570) and when I did my first test render today, it did not go well. Some objects were rendered as solid cubes, some were not rendered at all and some were rendered in the wrong location. None of the objects were rendered with the correct textures and no text objects were rendered at all. So far, not promising. I’ll check in with the next rev, though.

Hi, try to test on Linux but it support .deb Distributions only.
No OpenSUSE, Red Hat, Fedora, for example.
The matlib is in the package so 500MB download.
On Windows it is split in 27MB and 500MB .msi.
I have some artefacts with CPU + GPU render and it is slow compare to Cycles/E-Cycles. May I have to correct this with further tests.
Will make a list and post it to ProRender forum.

Cheers, mib

Hi, I register at the forum a few hours ago but doesn´t got a confirmation mail.

Cheers, mib

I dont have Opencl to install radeon pro in CPU rendering button is faded.Radeon%20pro%20fail

I’m very, very interested in Radeon ProRender (Mac version). Please make it usable because now it seems to be in early Alpha version.
It can’t border render. It crashes on Nvidia. You’re not in a position to immediately force people switch to AMD cards. Test your renderer on Nvidia cards too and try to convince people to your product. Make your renderer great or close this project completely right away. Unfortunately at the moment there is no reason to use Radeon Pro Render instead of Cycles or other renderers.

Hi, add your system specs, please.
You need latest driver from Intel, I guess.

Cheers, mib

Mac can’t use NVIDIA, end of.

ProRender on NVIDIA cards are beating equivalent AMD cards on Windows - and AMD wrote ProRender. So there’s no funny business going on there.

On the Mac ProRender is working spectacularly well in Blender 2.80.

I have a MacBook Pro 15 inch (560 dGPU) 2017 with a couple of eGPUs and it’s totally usable with very respectable render times.

I would love to see ProRender on macOS running on an iMac Pro!

Please post your issues on the AMD Community website and the Devs will be able to address any bugs / issues.