America baseball

Base ball has to do with time itself, the ball is pitch at the center to the south at 6:30. The players run counterclockwise which is going backwards in time, if the player run clockwise then you go forward in time, If you go both ways thing time will either eclipse or shatter into a billion pieces. Remember about the 3 am phone call ?

Some pictures that may help you understand the meaning of Al_Capone . . .


And the last few …


O…kay, I can sort-of get finding stuff in the Mayan Calender, but freakin Baseball!?

You going to claim to find this stuff in all sports, Buzkashi (an Afghan sport) should be interesting.

You know, it is an interesting thought. I’ve long suspected that nothing makes time pass slower than watching a game of baseball

Uh… where did you learn your physics?

Also, on a clock, you can’t have 6:30 pointing directly to the south, the minute hand goes onto the 30 but now the hour hand is a little off of the line between the 6 and the 7. So then when looking at the minute and hour hand and the average direction it’s not directly (as in laser precision) pointing to the south.:slight_smile:

I don’t get how a man with a huge phallic shaped object whacking another man’s balls, then running around in a circle, can end the universe.Before I ask myself this I ponder…

  • Why do most sports involve men playing offensively and defensively with each others ball’s in the first place?
  • What is it about men playing with balls that attracts so many people to stadiums?
  • Are planets the god’s balls? Or do the planets belong to the people living on the balls?

Also, why is the meaning of life 42?

Run home jack, run home jack, Home run jack, home run jack. 42 ? Maybe because its 21^2 which is blackjack. which is also push. If you have 21 men and 21 women that will also include the light and the dark which will make you whole, in my opinion.

Then you have 4/42 which = 5.25 which is the Aztec time. Inside out sort of speak.

You also have 13 * 4 = 52 - 50 = 2. The forefathers and the 13 colonies, which means they were the beginning of the four corners and the 13 virgins of the universe. The universe start as women which is an egg, then the snake is the sperm, then the sperm is destroy and return back into an egg and the cycle repeats itself.

But I’m sure the universe can go the other way too.