America Futurism Library

America Futurism Library

  • This project was inspired by the Phillips Exeter library, designed by Louis Kahn, i was intrigued by the brilliant use of modernist architecture by Kahn that i knew i had to design something inspired by this.

  • The library was also inspired by a few other sources like the unorthodox architecture in some segment of a game called Control, so i established this “dimensional intersection” theme for the library. It was a unique idea for a space of a library, the intersection would provide a pathway to another block of library, the direction of each connected block is different from another in a perpendicular manner, which mean whichever bridge you are on, you’ll always feel like you are standing on the “right” axis. It was a fun experiment in designing space that does not conform to the law of physics.

-The library was designed with a more futuristic art deco style in mind, the idea for the style was to institute a combination between old-but-bold style and unique out-of-the-box ideas.

  • The project was a fun & interesting experience, since the challenge only allow 1 entry, i’ll finish up the whole concept and upload multiple angle later on


This should be a short project, after this i think i’ll be back to the yacht

This is the upper/flipped reading room
A larger reading area is planned at the back behind the door

Really cool. :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot !

There’s a few more angles, this is what a single cube looks like

Back of the room

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