American/British Conduct in Iraq and Ethnic Cuisine

It is the nature of man to war with his neighbor. War is always bad, but not always wrong. It always can be avoided, yet at what cost?

The fact that you said the world has seen 30 years of peace simply discounts a destroys any points you make afterward. Anybody who has read any bit of history on the last 30 years know it’s been very far from peaceful.

But please, define peace for me.

And while your at it, define war.

If you really get down to it, people are involved in war. Not persons, people. Yes, people, as in all of us. Not one is rightous (read the phelps thread, the one about the self-rightous punk who thinks God hates people), that is a simple inexplicible (by us) part of human nature. Our covetnous and lusts and desires cause us to hurt each other, but no matter how long we repeat that to ourselves it doesn’t help.

France and Germany

If you “read the internet” as you claim you do you would quickly find out that those two nations, along with Russia and many others were bribed by saddam using none other than oil for food exchanges. What was that about O-I-L. And what was this about Germany being so smart…oh yes, have even forgot WW2 where Hitler duped much of Germany into believing many of his lies, now I’m not saying they’re like that now of course. However is they were as cautious as you say they are, they would’ve totally condemened and routed Hitler and his nazi party long before he came to power.

“afghanistan oil divide Britain”

With the quotes that you have around that it yields no responses.

Without quotes it’s an insanely vague search. All that does is search for those four terms (in any given order in any given document) among the google archives.

and to think, for your own self.

Oh I do, that’s why I have yet to come to you’re rather faulty view (IMHO of course).

If you don’t exercise your rights now,

Excercise what rights? My right to free speech, my right to seek out information written by that right?

I do, everyday. By disagreeing with conspiracy theorists like you, I exercise my right to freedom of ideas and thoughts.

If this somehow makes me cannon fodder in you eyes, then so be it.

Civil war

Hmmmm i am assuming this is not my civil war.

civil wars don’t count for crap. sorry to say this but you list one then you should list them all :stuck_out_tongue:

dittohead. i agree with the part of your post about hidesight which i read (LOL)

i think that their was nothing bush could really have done without looking worse in the international public opinion. (we are talking in context of 9-11) and in actual fact 9-11 raised the public opinion of america here and around the world.

but then again he looks 50000000000 times worse now after this iraq war. that any positive international effects from 9-11 are gone down the pooper with his creadibility.

he is shooting his own foot, and its not gonna be pretty seeing GWB getting tried for war crimes (it may happen some day in the next few decades. i am estimating that it will)

its really sad that anyone actually sees the connection between iraq and 9-11 though.


He was listing American Wars silly. That should have been obvious.

CIVIL WARS DON’T COUNT FOR CRAP? Pardon me, but more Americans died in that war than any other in our history, so if you think it meant nothing when we conquered slavery and spilled more blood than we’d ever done before or after, forget about having your opinion taken seriously.

You know very vague facts about American history, so I don’t know why you always make such blunt statements like that. I don’t know crap about the history of the rest of the world, so you won’t see me commenting on it in cases I haven’t studied. Maybe you should think about using Google next time.

shbaz, i was comenting on the LACK OF TITLEING AS AN AMERICAN WAR.

i know very well it was an “american civil war” you seen to have lost the point i was trying to make. “america is not the only country” in the world. there are about 130 other countries each with a civil war.

labeling it as “the civil war” or “civil war” is like calling a persian show cat, “the cat” its really a meaningless case.

your poitn was that we don’t live within a time of peace. and you stated the civil war as one of these thigns.

well IMO international peace is very different from “civil peace” in which case the civil war “doesn’t count for crap”.

infact any civil war normally doesn’t count as an international incident. now the american war of independance is potentially one that could be included but not the other.

BTW not all countries were saved from slavery because of teh US civil war, so really you are stating things that happen in the US as “world changing events” which they are not necisarily.

for example my countrie was the first that introduced voting for women. yet i can’t say that “we abolished sexism in voting” its jsut not an international event, and around the world women still can’t vote in places.

hence your civil war means didly squat, to me and to about 6.7 billion other people.


Alltaken, I’m not some kind of retard that doesn’t understand simple concepts like that.

You seem to think that when he lists a bunch of obviously all US conflicts, he should label the Civil War as the “American Civil War?” I don’t think anyone here is so stupid to get confused about that. I also don’t think anyone here is so stupid as to think I was saying the US abolished all slavery. I don’t know what the hell kind of point you’re trying to make at all, frankly, other than you think we should type our posts with the clarity of a scientific analysis. That is something I am positive you rarely achieve, so stop over-analyzing.

O great, another war topic.

Ok, sorry I didn’t list it as American civil war, but while it was on American land it did affect the world. Britian and France assisted in that war, among others but I’m not sure who so I won’t talk about them. The reason I didn’t list ALL civil war is because there have been far to many and my point was to only prove the world has not been at piece for 30 years straight. You may believe that wars are fought alone but they arent. Every war ever to take place has an effect on the world. I also think it was rather obvious that shbaz meant we conquered slavery in or own country.

the idea that this war is about personal agendas and oil is not that far fetched IMO. Read the declassified documents, and it becomes clear that george bush jr. was intent upon engaging iraq in war with or without a just cause. be it oil or revenge, it sure isn’t WMDs.

Read the declassified documents

Unless those documents are in my hand I wouldnt believe them. Believe what you want but is it really that hard to believe there might have been wmd in Iraq. You got to look at the events leading up to the war not just the war itself. It started during Clintons presidency. I dont remember how many times but I know it was at least twice So Damn Insane kicked the un weapons inspectors out of Iraq. Those two times Mr. Clinton threatened and Mr. Insane would let them in. Now fast foward to Bush. So Damn didn’t kick out the weapons inspectors but did keep them from seeing certaint areas. Bush then told Insane to let them see under threat of military force. No Mr. So damn is quite the cocky person so he thought he could take the US and whatever county backed them. So he refused. Therefor breaking the tearms of the peace treaty and giving us a damn good reason to go in there and beat his ass into the ground(turns out this was literal). Our Bush now is only doing what should have been done the first time around. Not only that So damn was a tyrant whether this is about oil or not Iraq is now a free country and it is for the better.

there are alot of things that indicate that this war was not above board. the presentation to the UN by powell that turned out to be a bunch of non verifiable tripe that was simply drummed up. The advice of the UN was ignored. we simply said, basically ‘we don’t care about facts, we’re going anyway’. In the declassified documents, which bush himself marked for declassification, and they are quite legit, it becomes yet more obvious.

yes i know. i was jsut being pedantic. he picked apart my post and was pedantic about it as if he didn’t understand what i was really saying so i did the same to him.

nothing meant by it shbaz, and i wasn’t trying to assume you were a little kid, but then again i felt like i got that same vibe from your post about me. so i guess its all in all pretty even on the whole thing.

anyway all is good in the hood. the real issue is that i cooked some americans today (my new politically correct term for afgan cookies although i put rice bubbles in them instead of corn flakes) they were good and are pretty easy to make.


1 cup of sugar
200grams of butter (4/5th of a pound for you americans wanting to eat americans)
1 1/4 cups of flour
1/4 cup of cocoa
2 cups of rice bubbles (puffed rice)

cream butter and sugar untill smooth. add flour and cocoa and mix untill mixed, then gently fold in your ice bubbles and bake on 180 degrees (celcius) for 15 mins.

Yummy yummy. eat some americans.

LOL just a bit of satire because of the USA calling french fries american fries. although i should try to emulate this behaviour from a few rather silly individuals so i will onyl call them americans for this batch, then i will call them iraqis :P.

p.s. yes i know civil wars do effect other countries, there is a lot of international politics involved and third partys want to help the “winning team” because then they get political alegance. just picking the best team to help win is sometimes hard.


haha, yes that was pretty ludicrous, but a slight correction: it was ‘freedom fries’ lol.

actually we called them freedom fries and personally I thought that was the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Had a good laught when I ordered them at a resturant and they didnt have a clue why I called them freedome fries though :smiley: .

well freedom fries LOL. i have never had experience with them :stuck_out_tongue:

i jsut know its a bit obsurd.

although i do like the sound of “eating an american” i can picture the infomercials in afganistan and iraq right now.

"eat an american today:
“i love eating americans”
“i eat americans for lucnh”
“get a free american with every happy meal”


freedom fries, what will be next WMcDonald’s (ha ha)



Yes, dammit, be afraid. Be very afraid. Afraid enough to reject what you hear and demand the changes that might save your young life.

First off let me say that I agree that we live in the greatest dispensation the world has ever seen. However if I was called to serve my country (I would be one of the first to go if there was a draft.) I would do so gladly. And if it ment protecting my family and all of you (yes you!) I would proudly give my young life.

Just my 2 cents. :wink:

How can I stay mad at you when you make a cookie recipe named after my country? We call those Rice Crispies though, the recipe used to be on the back of every box. The only difference is that in rice crispies there are usually melted marshmellows mixed in there.

This brings a perplexing question, what is NZ food like?

ummm don’t ask me.

i mean seriously we have no special food to my knowledge.

we haev the pavlova which is a large soft egg white and sugar based pie/cake thing with kiwifruit on the top (yes kiwifruit are named after my country, we are also known as Kiwis)

we also have tha hangi this is pretty uncommon as its a maori tradition so only maori really do it. basicly dig a big hole in the ground, set a big fire and heat up lots of rocks. whack the rocks in the hole and put in heaps and heaps of food (wraped in leaves or tin foil) put them in the correct location in relation to the heatsource and other food, then wait for some hours and eat a huge feast.

pretty tradtional.

we have a lot of seafood, but i don’t eat seafood so that doesn’t matter to me.

really we have no food, i mean we use our own style in cooking but its all based on a change from british cooking, and use of local ngredients, so nothing amazingly different

also the US has nothing amazing in terms of adventurous food. (to my knowledge)

French fries, are just CHIPS but with more fat in them.
hamburgers are just round meat sandwhiches that are hot.
hot-dogs are just sausages in a bun.
cheeze wizz is just artiuficial cheese in a can.
oreos are just bad quality biscuits.

sorry for haslling them all. but IMO the US popualr cuisine (the stuff i know of) is not the best representation. but then again neither NZ or the US has had long enough to develop a standing uniquness in their food. also with the spread of things lik McDonalds there is internationally less chance of any country maintaining, or developing its unique flavours.


also the US has nothing amazing in terms of adventurous food. (to my knowledge

How about jambolia, gumbo, po’ boys, corn pone, chitlin’s and a whole mess of other soul food?


Chips here are called “Steak Fries”. French fries are just that, french. (joke ahead) They’re small, greasy and taste good. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriourlsy though, steak fries are wider, less salty/greasy and taste better than french (to my knowledge they never came from france, they were just cheapened versions of the good ol’ english “chip”, aka “steak fry”) fries. Steak fries are generally served with gourmet brugers and seafood around here.

I believe he meant stuff like yak bawls and snails, and unclassified mammal genitals. However soul food IMHO does classify as “adventerous”.

The thing about those kind of foods is they tend to not be found outside the US so most outsiders dont know unless they been here espeacially in the south.