American Chopper

Well, after i made my bike, I decided to make a motorcycle. An a chopper was the easiest to me (probably because i watch Amercian Chooper so i know what to do and what to make) C&C Welcome!
and another view

I havent quite got the chrome down, so i will be inproving on that, but i like how its coming out.


I also am an American Chopper fanatic. Nice work. Needs wires, and maybe less of a bend in the exaust pipes, doesn’t follow with the bike style that you got there. End of the exaust pipe seems to run into/overlap with the rear part of the frame, but that might just be from the camera angle.

Scale and form looks correct which is important, when making your bike think of each part of the model as an actual part of the bike, so in essance like you were to make the bike part by part in real life, so then model part by part, the end result is more pleasing and the task dosn’t seem as daunting. (also use a path that bevels an object like a curve circle to make the pipes then if you wish to edit them just convert to mesh).

awesome start, i would start on getting some of the textures to work right, maybe even try some basic scenerey, that yellow is kinda annoying. but keep it up!