American McGee's Alice

I’m working on an Alice model (the American McGee version) for those of you who didn’t play the game, this is a darker version of Alice in wonderland and features a nice version of Alice.

I decided to model her, I used some in-game screenshots to use as blueprints, this is the first time I use blueprints to model something, and I had no idea how to do it so I started by adding a plane mesh and extruding it along the blueprints:

I worked on her face, extruding some more and then I tried to model her hair and mid chest:

here’s another angle:

and a render with a face texture test,I still need to work on her neck and upper body:

add as many comments as you decide!!! :smiley:

I am familiar with the game, and I must say your version is spot on. The texture test is excellent.

Keep going. Can’t wait to see this one completed.


Thank you Samir, I’m trying to stay close to the game’s version.

Worked some more last night, I modeled her dress again:

here’s a render:

I’m currently working on her legs and shoes.

maybe some animation or even a game? :wink:

thanks! I’m planning a still image with this, but animation sounds nice. I still need to add a lot of details to this model, right now I’m just building the basic shape, thanks for your comments. :smiley:

Nice work. Can we see some images of the character? I’m not familiar witht his version and I would like to see a clear pic for comparison.


Sure, BgDM:

Hey, I have played the game so often I can almost play it without looking 8) But the ingame model was very lowpoly and your version of it (so far) is absolutely stunning! Aspecially the face texture is fabulous! Please don’t stop finishing it!


woa!! thanks Roger, I really appreciate your comment :smiley: again thanks :slight_smile:

Your doing a good job with the modeling of the head and body are you planning on using a mesh model for the hair or any plug-ins (fiber)?

thanks!! I’m not sure, I haven’t used a fiber plug-in before, but would like to check that out. I just made the hair mesh based on the blueprints I got.

hey guys.

I have been busy with college and haven’t been able to work some more with Alice, I modeled her legs and shoes, progress will be made on Friday, I’ll post an update.

good work so far on the model :slight_smile: .

I remember seeing this game on the shelf somewhere once. At first I just saw the title and thought, “great, another cheesy movie to video game.” Then I noticed the butcher’s knife and the blood stains :o . I didn’t buy it but I remember laughing because it was such a wacky concept for a game.

good luck, looking forward to seeing the updates.