American poor people pay over 75% tax, while the rich pay nothing


Is it true, the tax rate in America is over 75%? Yes it is true, I will explain why the tax rate is over 75% for the poor people.

America has a tax bracket. The tax bracket has the lowest income paying less taxes, than the highest income. The highest income pay over 50% taxes, and the lower income pay about 25% tax.

The higher income people who pay 50% income, are the ones who run the businesses, such as grocery stores and car lots. They are also the ones who offer public services such as taking care of pests, or building houses, even filing the taxes.

When the merchants calculate the cost of their goods, the taxes are counted as part of the expense. Lets say the merchant pays the factory 10 usd for an item. The target market is 15%.
That would mean the merchant needs to charge 11.50 right? Wrong, who needs to charge more than this. Who needs raise the price by another 50% to cover the tax expense. The 10 dollar item is now 16.50.

It works the same for hourly rate. If the target is 10 per hour. Then the company needs to charge 15 dollar an hour to cover the tax expense.

Because the merchants are have such a high tax, they are counting it as part of the expense on the goods. Because the poor man, the worker in the country is charged by the government 25% income tax. The poor man is now paying 75% tax rate.

It’s much higher than 75%, because the money is taxed many more times than what I have shown. One other tax included is sales tax.

While the poor people pay over 75% tax, the rich pay almost nothing in taxes.

The only way to work in the government body is to be rich. Only rich people work as the government. The rich are prejudice against poor people, because of differences in culture.

The government body do not obey God’s commandment.

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for that same reason, the yelow vist started ther protest in france , and the sudanise started ther own protest in sudan !!!
the world is brocken and, is controled by brocken people !!!


Objectively false


Sort of, the yellow vests started due to the French government increasing the carbon tax, which would make carbon based products like fuel, cost more.

all in the name of stopping global warming(Which I do think needs to be stopped, but making shit more expensive? No, start by cutting the subsidies macron)

Of course now it’s about all sorts of things, but what it was about at first was the carbon tax.

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yeah that was the start
hoep everthing ends so good for thim !!

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It’s Individual & International issue. Again & again…
While the biggest pollutant are tankers, cargo ships & giant corporations… those can never really stop burning, even when being still, docked… funny thing, those are the same who avoid taxes.

AI can help make this game a fair play, decentralized with less bureaucracy, less cost, faster solutions, evolving with society to accept equal rights, universal income, wiping out imperial & colonial borders… why many will be driven to stupidity to fight against it under impression of their own free will.

But first, another recess… to automate the industry & devalue common human, our ancestors… to simply gentrify (it’s how fascism came to be from futurism, the innocent dreams that turn to nightmare of the last century).

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It’s fun to watch threads like this because that young people have no clue what it was like living in real fascists lives under real communism, under the hell that promised utopia. please continue the real life drama. ahem.

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:roll_eyes: maybe you missed the point… it’s still going on, and getting worse, but the veil is prettier

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no, I didn’t miss the point… I think that if you judge your sources, maybe you may learn something. It isn’t what is projected, but, what is perceived is what is the point. You are being misled, because “they” are counting on the fact you can’t make judgement, you to stupid for to think on your own. You “need” government to think for you. You “need” governments help.

My thoughts is hogwash. I can do fine by myself. I don’t need your help. If that offends you, oh well.

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you can only speak for yourself,
no empathy - only ego within is right - light w/o light
yet i’m an anarchist… & there were days of judges (no kings) - lasting ~ 400 years
you can do fine until your fish is poisoned by your son & you get raped by an aggressor
oh… sorry, that’s done elsewhere in your name :stuck_out_tongue:

what goes around comes around
love, as hate, is sharing

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yea, you a noob in every respect… so with that, you will figure it out one day, maybe not today, but, one day… hope you have great new year… and God willing, you don’t see the hell of your utopia.

(Ace Dragon) #12

Be careful what you wish for. Under anarchy, people can legally break into your house, take your stuff, and soil your bed. That is unless you get a gun and mow them down with bullets (which would be legal as well).

Anarchy would mean society being reduced to the idea that as long as you have a bigger and badder arsenal of weapons than the other guy, you just might live to see the sun rise again.

Also, a poor attempt as backing it up by referring to the time of the Judges in Israel, when they ruled, there was actual law and order.

(burnin) #13

All true… just without a king, a warlord. Anarchy is not chaos, but equality w/o privileged thus no patriarch, matriarch, simply no social hierarchy.

(Ace Dragon) #14

If there is no social order, no societal structure, no laws, no institution of morality, and no concept of what can and cannot be done, then a world defined by chaos is exactly what is going to happen.

You might as well just give up your Blender PC now if such a thing happened, you will lose it quickly.

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Cynic. Misunderstanding makes you believe in God… there’s no hell nor heaven, but there will be pain without free choice. There’s this stupidity a concept of death most of population believes in and that is the power over aware mind. Knowing clear thought is just a phantom. Uncertainty principle…


Not necessarily

Anarchist philosophy is a wee bit more complicated than that.

But I’m guessing burnin isn’t an anarcho capitalist and more of a anarcho communist so… I don’t think he believes “stealing” is a thing at all.

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Just without an idiot to tell me what i must believe and behave like. Respect is magic?

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Anarcho-individualist. Collective goals are not mine and i often oppose since it’s basically a form of fanaticism.
The hardest path, respect all.


Huh, I guess you were an anarcho capitalist after all. I misread you.

(Ace Dragon) #20

Look at some of the gaming websites like wccftech for a microcosm of what the utter lack of societal standards might bring. Read their comment sections and notice the complete and utter lack of civility and respect for each other, it’s to the point where you might find more constructive discourse in a maximum security prison.

Now imagine this extended to real life with no safeguards to prevent those people from actually doing what they say in their petty internet threats.