American poor people pay over 75% tax, while the rich pay nothing

(joseph raccoon) #123

It is an act of hubris that borders on idolatry to assume that one’s own knowledge and experience the standard in which the world really is.

As an aside, you have now personally offended me by your statement as it implies that you have challenged the effect of the work I have personally done in the past. And as such I can no longer view someone who so casually injures another with a false statement to be a follower of any real church.

(Ace Dragon) #124

Has the rules on political and religious discussion been relaxed under BA’s new ownership (as this thread now has both and is still open)?

Just wondering.

(BluePrintRandom) #125

I assume as long as the money flows in they don’t care.

we are a cow to be milked.

(burnin) #126

relax… it’s in the context of tax - who started it, who needs it? Lazy ass bullies. Otherwise we’d all be happy volunteers, socializing on the spot, fixing problems, helping each other grow
efficiency (goodness) is part of intelligence & evolution by default :stuck_out_tongue:

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