finally done- half size render- lil touch up in PS for lighting,eyebrows and lashes.

Woah, that is good. Like in really good. Although the face looks a bit like plastic and the eyes are different than what I remember them to be, you captured the look of her.

Really well done.



thanks!- didnt notice the eyes until some other …eyes… looked on it-

-updated the pic-

cool model and passable texturing, but give her some real eyebrows and work on the skin material. a more realistic skin texture would be good, as well as a really fine hi rez bump map for pores and creases and such.
the lighting leaves much to be wanted. is she wearing a black robe? cuz even black cloth reflects some light. put in a couple fill lights and a rim light for her hair so we have some detail in the shadows.

thanks for the crits-
maybe this should be moved to critiques or wip as I feel I may take the advice givin and will update the pic.