Amiens : another gothic cathedral

Don’t even know where I’m going with this… Paradise ? Or Maybe to a “Dinner of Schmucks”… which I haven’t seen, 'cause as a frenchman living not too far from Amiens, I prefer “Le Dîner de Cons”, the original movie.
The rose is a SubDiv work, I have to make it back as hard surface modeling, other wise the polycount would explode.
Already 37500 faces just for the sction below with the two windows.
Let me know.
Sorry Nodelete, this one I begun a good six months ago. That’s how it goes…
DId I say that I LOVE gothic architecture ? I have a “Strasbourg” project too. Good for a new life.

love the window. it kind of reminds me of the barcelona style with the organicness.

Steady going : some wires to see a bit better. still a long way before even thinking of UV-ing. Thx Modron for your answer. I love Gaudi’s style too. But The Sagrada Familia is still a WIP in itself.

Your feelings ??

i began doing a cathedral but i drop it cause my PC was smoking and getting sluggish!LOL

but good beginning here hope you have a good PC
try to minimise verts count or it will get into 10 of millions!

to speed things up you might use instantiation for different parts
might help a little
don’t think you can add all the external sculptures but still worth doing the main building

lache pas la patate un jour la cathedrale sera complete avec tous les arcs boutant
mais la porte principale a une centaine de sculptures et je ne pense pas que blender puisse avoir assez de memoire pour toutes les inclures!

are you using cycles for rendering?

happy cycles

Amazing. What you use for reference material?

Hi guys, and thanks for replying.

I’m aware of the BIG polycount, as said in my first post 477K as yet… and many more to come. That’s exactly why I do that as hard surface modeling. The only purpose has to do with incrfeasing my skills at that “job”. My main machine has good specs and 16 Gigs of RAM. The secondary is a i5 laptop with a 32-bits OS, and 3 available Gigs. And a nVidia GPU with 1.2 CUDA Kernels, not cycles-capable
About the rendering : we’re not there yet. And about the thousand’s of sculpts,only on the main facing wall, well, qui vivra verra, as thez say in France… I didn’t know you were french Ricky. Hi !
The reference material comes mainly from this site

references are great source of information here

are you doing in architecture or just doing it for the thrill of it ?

it does represent a lot of work

note: not french more on the other side of the Atlantic!LOL

happy cycles

@RickyBlender : No, i’m not doing in architecture : I’m an old nurse, near retirement, thinking about a second life. I’m just fond of modelilng, and trying to accomplish something to showcase, when the time comes to prove something. Had nothing to show up until this. And also that’s about TRAINING. Challenge. THRILL !!
Here’s an update, getting rather crowded, about one million tris (many Ngons, making pointless counting quads), and still no wall, no roof, no front, except the rose on first post.
Comments welcome

… And the computer begins to smoke !

2.5 millions tris as yet. So I have to split files, with a summary .blend who will link to everything.
There is an interruption planned for surgical reasons : I must have my right shoulder fixed tomorrow, so see you within a few days.

Hi guys. Well, no real update yet. For one, my surgeon was not very kind, and ordered a 45 days immobilization at a 60° angle. Not so easy with the mouse
And secondly My laptop was stolen when I was in the operating theater. I managed to make a huge housekeeping, 3 hours work the day before the operation, spared 1.5 Millilon Tris. Just as an example, that frieze you can see along the roof was subded at level 2 !
Well guys, not to forget my temperature levels, wondering about a nosocomial bullshit. Don’t forget I am a nurse. Overall quite good souvenirs with this hospitalization. This is France I guess. D’ya want the adress to avoid ???
Anyway I hope to be back soon. I have to redo the job I did. You know what ? I was just hoping that my stealer would connect the PC though any wifi spot, because I keep the active files inside a dropbox directory, but no way… Sigh !