Amiga ... try to imagine

Try to imagine mashine based on SONY CELL Central Processor Unit or mashine with built in Power PC Processor with three core units. … Could it ever happen?

Icon theme templates for CE apps [all graphic elements’ll be cscallable]

I had to correct by hand originall SF II screen to remove bad looking letters from character and disk :wink:

Best regards!

Haa! That brings me back to my childhood with my Amiga 1000 and 500+.

Those were the days when we were happy to see the kickstart request image and thought it was great! (And it was! Compared to the TRS 80 I was using before that :0)

Nice amiga “swoosh” and good idea !



It’s only side effect after my back to the roots. I was looking for inspiration and potential conception of animation.

It was really wonderfull period of computing edge. I remember my first 8 bit Commodore mashine bought in 80’s in Hamburg and hardcore gaming in Pit Stop:). Also than Amiga has come in 90’s to my collection.

I play with OS 3.9 last days and Photogenics to do some oldshool pictures.
I whish C64 and GeOS painters works only in 16 color palette.

It’s wonderfull rest from all modern OS’s. I can’t still find optimall solution.
Unix family grows bigger and bigger, even average system consists of thousends of packages, you have to take care still of security, compatibility, complexivity of system, where is time for work behind administration?

MS windows takes a lot of system resources [longhorn is oughfull], looks bad (stardock…what tha f…k is it…they call it customization of UI?? :expressionless: , Litestep, an all “after” clones as substitute of MS shell demands hours of hand script configuration), user interface is stiff, it’s not flexible and customizable, includes spyware and ancient stuff instead usefull tools, administration console all administrator interface is a nightmare.

KDE seems to go the same way as MS interfaces with resources consumption.

GNOME, how to break something what was good (v 1.4)? 2x is tragic, UI customization tools that were great in 1.4 (Ximian desktop rocks).

BeOS and Solaris are very fast, but there is no complette grahic workshop
for them.

One thing is missed in all “Windowed” User Interfaces is visual(graphic) system of file statistic, something like in Nautilus [why they didn’t the same in OSX???] icon marks should be implemented to mark icons or files with f.e. 1~5 stars
[ ]
[ ] [ ] [ ]
[ ] [ ] [** ] [ ][ ] [ ] [ ] [ ][ ] [ ] [ ] [ ][ ] [ ] [ ] [ ][ ] [ ] [ ] [ ][ ] [ ] [ ] [ ][ ] [ ] [ ] [ ][ ] [ ] [ ] [ ][ ] [ ] [ ] [ ][ ] [ ] [ ] [ ][ ] [ ] [ ] [ ][ ] [*** ] [ ] [ ][ ] [ ] [ ]
[ ][ ]
[ ] [***** ] [ ] .

It doesn’t matter what quality category your statistic concerns, simple star or another (configurable) mark should be enough.

You open your folder with thousends of files, but it lets you to recognize important ones behind all the rest immediately.

From my almost 20 years of experience with different mashines i see only one solution, i have return to BSD again. Clean X+term is still the fastest and costless way of working with operating systems.

Amiga rox!! I still own an A500, still use it to compose music with so now and then too… that machine was bought in the 80’s and it keeps working very well indeed…! Actually I never had such a long relationship with any other girlfriend before… :stuck_out_tongue:
btw. nice work on the logo!

please try to keep the posted pictures a bit smaller so they fit to the template better, and on people’s monitors. you can always link to a highres one if needed.


Hey, me too! Although the expansion bay glitched out on me a while ago, the thing still works, it was way ahead of its time, i think it was the first personal computer that could raytrace.

if u like composing music… and feel like divorcing your Amiga you could try the newest trackers… like MT. :smiley: