Ammo belt that goes around shoulder

Hello All,
I am trying to model an ammo belt for a mexican bandit …i am trying to use an array modifier to folllow a path but it is not lining up right and my comp is slowed down (about 100 bullets). Is there a better way to approach this? Thanks in advance.

You need to use Duplication > Faces to get bunch of bullets. The technique is same as this Tank Track Tutorial. Here is the quick image:

Just remember that Z-axis of bullet lines up with face normal. One bullet flipped for some reason but you get the idea.

Thank You very much. I will let you know how it turns out.

I still cannot get this to line up right when the belt goes across his chest and over the shoulder. Any other help appreciated.

Yup, the array modifier sucks. Try to evenly space 20 bullets in a circle. Should be easy… But unfortunately it isn’t. (spin-tool can help but it is not a modifier)
“Z-axis of bullet lines up with face normal”, indeed, but its not handy, intuitive. Same with bend modifier and particle replacement by object and bone replacement by object, its not intuitive! it would be better if the orientation of the instances would be the same as the original object.

Anyway, in your case, when you want to control the bullets by a curve. Make Beziercurve, then bullet, Put array modifier on bullet, then curve modifier and use tilt (crtl + t + drag) on the controlpoints (in edit mode) to orient the bullets along the body. If you want just that extra control just subdivide the segment of the curve and tilt that extra point. For the belt, just use the extrude option on the 3d curve.
Use shift for fine control over input values, like array offset, to evenly space bullets along curve.

Ridix: one bullet flipped, probably because of the normal orientation of the plane its stuck to.