Amnesia demo

Okay this is a really quick demo i’ve just done, im hoping to change most of the textures, make a new better looking character and actually have things to do. :smiley:
I have a problem with the armatures of the main character, when I scale him down to fit the level the armatures make the character fly all over the screen, why is it happening?
Anyway it’s here…
Tell me what you think and what needs changing.

it looks cool! i cant play it good right now cuz my PC is all messed up :/. ill take a look at it later… i had to play it in a window of like 100x70 now… hehe, is it a turtle btw? reminded me of my first game, it was about a turtle on a ship, it was pretty okay… so again, ill play it latah whn i got my PC fixed, till now? it looked pretty fun! keep up the good work!

Hey, that’s pretty awesome! The level is very cute and fuzzy:) The turtle looks cool, and the transition from inside/outside works well. Work on that jump :wink:


Hheh, but you should have multiple camrea veiw and well the jump/fly isn’t that great hehe
but I really like it…just add more logic brick and you got a way cool game cuase i curly like it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the great responses!
I need some help with the jump, im not too sure how to get a good sharp jump with a swift fast landing.
Im going to make the first level and characters cute but distort it after that, make it dark and twisted as you go futher into it.

Cool little game! :stuck_out_tongue:
I really like the level switch…great idea!
But I think the animations need some more work :wink: