amount Nor

Hi all:

In Texture -> Map to -> Nor is 0.5 by default.

If one unit of blender is 1 m. ¿How many meters´s fractions equals to 0.5 bump in internal renderer?



It has nothing to do with Blender Units. Nor is the degree of displacement a texture is going to experience. Specifically the Nor value changes the angle of a each minute point on the surface. Things look rounded or bumped because of how they collect light according to their angle of the surface points, which creates a shaded 3D effect.

Imagine a flat surface. It looks flat because light falls on it flat; nice and even all over. Now if that surface was covered in an army of ants, each holding up a tiny piece of card so small to barely be seen, and each pointing their card in just the right direction to catch the right angle of shading and then each ant tilted their card to control the angle of shading, it would be possible for the collective shading to make the whole flat surface look like a rounded sphere… all because the angle of each card can be turned to make it have dark or light shadows. This is what the Nor value manipulates.

Thank´s Lancer.

I asked because Luxrender bump and Indigo 0.001 is equivalent to 1 millimeter.