amount of RAM for blender?

how much RAM would i yield from blender cycles? what frequency would be the best?
i don’t really want to buy something over expensive and it only makes 1% difference to one’s that half price (or something like that)

RAM makes all the difference in the world, or none at all. It’s not like CPU frequency where getting 20% faster clock speed can get you (around) 20% performance increase.

If you run out of physical RAM, your OS will start paging data out to the vastly slower HDD, causing your system to become significantly slower. How much RAM you need depeneds solely on what you want to do. Just monitor your RAM usage to make sure you’re not running out.

As for RAM frequency/latency, it usually makes very little difference due to CPU caches. There’s little value in spending extra on fast RAM.

Probably best to get some 1600 MHz DDR3 with decent timings (9-9-9-24 or 11-11-11-25)) if possible :slight_smile:

Just to make sure: If you render with cycles and use your GPU, RAM helps you nothing at all. It uses the VRAM on your video card.