Amount of time in a state

I am using 2.49 I have several states it works well, but on one of the states i want to stay in it about 4 or 5 seconds. The delay sensor does not seem to work. i should also add that on the state i am using cpy, Using inv, add, sub, seem to change the motion of my objects
a way i don’t like so i prefer cpy. Any ideas out there? i have been experimenting but maybe someone else knows better. Thanks


Use a timer - if you want to reset the timer, use a property actuator, and if you want to read the value, use the property sensor. You should be able to put that in your state for it to work.

Although SolarLune has the better method, dont make the beginners mistake like me with delay. I had this sensor and set it to small values, and thought, ‘this dosent work!’. Try something like 100 to 300 for delays of seconds.

Yeah, i have delays set to about 300 but it stops when it goes into another state. Solartune, know of any blends that are using timer so i can learn, never used timer before and on top of that i have to set it up to work in my state which maybe easy or hard.


Oh, it’s simple - a timer is a variable type, like a boolean or integer value. Simply set the variable type in Object properties (in the logic window) to Timer type, and the timer will count upwards for you. It should stay with the object, even if the state changes.

Great, if you know of any timer blend examples that i can look at let me know. I am sure i can do but an example or two will help me since i have not used a timer before



  • add a property + set timer type + enable the “D”
  • enable show debug in game menu.
  • let it run.

Then you see the property counting while the game is running.
Make sure you are using a property sensor in interval mode to check the properties value.

I suggest to start with -3 and set a property sensor that checks between 0 and 99999. So it gets positive when the timer reaches 0 after 3 seconds counting upward.

I hope it helps