Ampharos (Pokemon)

Hey everyone! I’ve used Blender off and on for around 7 years, but never anything serious and don’t really have anything to show for it. I’ve decided that I want to actually improve on my modeling, so I’ve started working on a model of the pokemon Ampharos.

For my references I’m using:

My current model looks like this:

I’m using Cycles for the first time. 300 samples. (Arbitrarily picked it, but seems to look fine).

I plan on rigging it and creating a full scene, but for now I just have a couple emission planes (one blue, one orange) and a platform for it to stand on.

I’ve noticed in a lot of people early renders they have a plane that curves up to create a back wall… I like this effect. What is the best way of achieving that?

Any criticism is MUCH appreciated! Thanks!

To easily create a curved backround/wall/floor, go into Edit Mode and subdivide it several times. Then select only the back two rows of vertices and turn on proportional editing. Grab and move the beck two rows of vertices and use the mouse wheel to scale up the proportional editing circle waaay up so that you get a nice curve. Hope that helps!

And the model looks pretty good. I would suggest giving it bigger eyes and bumping up the specularity on the materials. I also think it could use being a tad bit thinner.

Good start but there is allot of stuff that can be done.

Here are some thoughts:
Make the eyes so that you’re able to animate them.
Make a mouth.
Toes need to have a white spot on them.(actually they might need to be claws)
Flippers need to be part of the body.
If you want to stay true to pictures then the neck shouldn’t be straight. It should flow from the body through the neck and to the head all in one giant curve.
I did some research and it’s skin kinda looks like rubber.

Thanks for the feedback!

I’ve adjusted and fixed a few parts of the mesh (in particular some incorrect clipping from the mirror modifier was making a mess of things). I’ve also fixed the mesh of the neck and made it more curved so it follows one curve from the tail to head.

Before I continue, I am trying to get my materials working. In particular, I was using a texture for the skin and features (i.e. the white of the belly), but that just doesn’t seem to be a good idea. An issue I’m running into however, is getting the white portion to be ovular. The way my mesh is set up, this doesn’t seem to be possible, so I’ll be experimenting with different ways of achieving it. If anyone has any ideas that’d be very helpful.

I had a mouth (not very visible in my original post), but am scrapping it until I come up with something a little more defined and visible.

I’ve been toying around with the materials but they still need a good amount of work. The arms are now part of the body, but as of now I’ve left the eyes, ears, red gem things, and legs as separate objects (I’m not sure if this is the right way to do this).

I’ve started to mess around with setting up an armature, but I’m running into issues with the separate objects I mentioned above. I want/need the eyes, etc. to move with the head when I pose it with my armature, but not sure how to achieve that.

I’ve redone the ears and forehead gem so they are part of the body mesh. I’m leaving the legs separate, but will be joining the tail gem when I get around to it.

He’s all rigged up now, and I’ve given him a little pose. Took me a while to figure out how to get armatures working without applying the mirror modifier. It is kind of quirky that you need to give your groups .Right and .Left suffixes.

I’ve also modeled a poke ball and am very happy with the results. The red in the ball might need a little tweaking. The materials on the body are good, but I’m going to try and make it a little more rubbery (any tips?). The gems need some serious work. Going for a smooth ruby look, but I can’t seem to get it without it looking unrealistically perfect.

I’ve started messing around with the scene, and am somewhat happy with the grass, but the overall scene and the sky are junk. The lighting needs a lot of work too, but I’m saving that for last.

I’m on my Macbook 5,3 so rendering is slow, especially with the grass. Here’s a render with ~30 passes.

Any suggestions are much appreciated.

For some reason I’m dying for material detail on the character.(bumps, glossy whatever) I like the grass, but the lighting could use more dimension.

Worked a bit on the materials. I like how the gems came out a lot. Pretty much exactly how I envisioned. Its a glass with voronoi bumpmap. Gave the body some gloss, and the stomach slight velvet.

Ditched my skydome for now, and tweaked the lighting a bit but it is still pretty flat. Made the grass better, but need a little more density.

Now I need to start making decisions on the scene. I kind of like the effect of the semi-circle, but not for this scene. I started working on a backpack that the pokeballs will be falling out of, but the mesh is a mess so I’ll be redoing it once I figure out a good way of making the zipper.

I’m really going to have to start rendering on my university’s computers. about 6s a pass on that last render.