Amplifying parent movement?

So I’m back again with my troubles :wink:

This time I have a “torch” with a fire that burns. This fire makes subtle movements (±0.2 in x,y,z) to simulate a fire. I attached a light to this fire (fire is parent) so the light would look a lot more dynamic. It DOES work however the movement is too subtle if I want to show it on a projector or something like that.

Is it possible to make the child amplify the parent’s movement so that the movement would be more obvious? Kind of how a smaller gear turns a bigger one.

I guess I should try to change the light’s color slightly over time instead? Seems easier to do.

EDIT: But then I don’t know how to do that either…

Lights can be controlled by Energy and Color Ipos
Select a lamp put the mouse over the Lamps buttons window, press I key and in the pop-up choose the desired item to insert a frame key…
ex: frame 1 - Energy 1 (total light) -> frame 20 - energy 0 ( no light)
the add Logic as usual, ex:
Keyboard Sensor - Space key ->AND -> IPO Actuator - Ping Pong? Sta:1 End: 20

I can’t insert energy or lamp color ipos though? the color values in the ipo window don’t seem to affect the lamp’s diffuse light color… and there doesn’t seem to be any for energy either.

Select a lamp!
Now, with mouse in the lamp buttons window ( not in the 3D one) press I key
and choose the desired item ( before this, set your lamp intensity and color).
Of course, you can do it directly in the IPO window.

What’s the “desired item”? I can’t find anything that has anything to do with light energy and color. I’m running 2.45

Oh, nvm… I didn’t read those instructions clearly… also the IPO window apparently had a dropdown list to let me choose ipos for lamps :slight_smile: