Amsterdam Keizersgracht

Hello everyone!
This is my first post here on BA :slight_smile: This is a project made for the Architecture Academy competition. Any critique is welcome!
Full size image here

I really like it. The atmosphere is great. A few critics. The textures of the buildings are too neat. If you added some dirt to some of the white parts due to weather that would add realism I think, like the one you added to the bridge. It may be a bit difficult but maybe if you could add a few characters that be be great. The water looks a bit odd, maybe its only me but maybe you could try a bump map with smaller details. But overall I like it.

Really well done. The roads look a bit too smooth. But great atmosphere overall. Just to nitpick - most of these houses have a hook at the top in the front which was used to hoist cargo to be stored in the attic back in the day when the canals were actually used for trade and transportation. But there absence takes absolutely nothing away from the work.

Thanks everyone for the feedback!

@Ludovic_L yeah I know, I left the houses quite “raw” because of lack of time. Interesting idea placing some characters! But, as you said, a bit demanding to do…

@anuraag_01 when I studied reference images I didn’t have any idea of what those things hanging on the top of houses were, and I didn’t know how to model them properly, therefore I prefer to ignore them. So thank you very much for explaining it to me!

very well done. Rob Tuytel is a dutch artist who made a lot of these typical dutch scenes. You should google him.

Nice work. But why Amsterdam when you are from Italy wich has nicer architecture :slight_smile: (spelling)

@gerardopblender thanks for sharing this! I just saw some of his works, they are absolutely stunning and very inspiring, and way way better than mine, I must admit it :yes:

@​Solid Seal eheh probably because I’m so used to Italian architecture and I want to try something different :stuck_out_tongue: