I made an “Amsterdammertje” That is a sort of pole, very common seen in Amsterdam. I modelled this in Blender, but I don’t know how I should make the material. Or how you call the material so I can search for a texture. This an photo of the "Amsterdammertje, as seen in Amsterdam:


Which render engine are you planning to use?

Oh sorry, my fault, Cycles :slight_smile:

a mix of diffuse and glossy with a fresnel factor of around 1.5/1.6, and for the dirt, mix the previous result with a pale diffuse, with a texture as a factor…

You can add a bit of bump to make it look more realistic, and some variations in the colors.

Are you in amsterdam at the moment?
how about making the textures from actual photographs you make?

I did that with the diffuse and glossy with a fresnel factor of 1.5:

But it doesnt look good:

Sorry, I am a noob with creating materials my self


I could do that, but will that look good. Looping would and there is always light that will have influence

Thanks both of you!

you need to plug the frenel in the “fac” of the mix node not in the displacement.

Also I think the glossy reflection color should be white

I think it would look good, you mean tiling not looping? well there are ways around that.

also there a re tools to generate all kinds of maps, like the gimp-insanebump plugin. there is also an option to remove light on the texture, you may want to give it a try

Hmmm… It does look the same. I will try a photo texture

well you also need to add the material to the top^^ to see any effect ?

Little bit better, but not much.

Thanks for the help!

here’s an example of what i meant…

of course, you can change the dirty mask to a texture mask, add colors to the dirt, and to the red diffuse, change the bump map… but this is the basic idea.

And you need a proper enviroment, and lights to get a good visualisation of what you’re doing. Materials with reflection are difficult to setup, when you don’t have nothing around to reflect.

Looks nice! Where did you get dirt diffuse and dirt mask? And the multiply?

‘dirt diffuse’ is just a diffuse. I’ve changed the name to be more understandable. The dirt mask is just a frame. it’s just to show that you can change all of those nodes with just one texture.

Oh sorry I saw it all wrong? What is the use of a frame?

a frame is just to organize. with a frame you can move all the nodes inside as if they were just one. I normally prefer to group them, but for visualization purposes i use the Frame Layout. It basically doesn’t do anything, it’s just an helper.

Thx! I dont see the multiply, sorry for being noob :stuck_out_tongue:

And I dont have a normal dot at the fresnel

Add>Input>Fresnel instead Add>Input>LayerWeight.

Add>Converter>Math, and change the operation to ‘Multiply’.
this is just to set the reflection just to 85% of the fresnel value.

I dont see it…