Remake of a character I made before. She’s unfinished, and I’m not sure when I’ll finish her. However, I think she looks a lot better than before.


nice work,
i like the textures
maybe you should work on the lighting abit
,its to flat and bright and it dosent add intrest to the character,
the bump map on the eye brows is to strong,
otherthan that its aweosme

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll adjust the lighting a bit when I get the chance. Also, the eyebrows are actually sculpted since I’m going for a stylized-reatistic look. What exactly about them looks odd?

the are just bumped out alot , more like sharpy rock, maybe try make thim a little soft or somthing

Here’s what I’ve changed. Made the brows a little smoother, added 2 more lamps, changed the eye, skin, and hair color a bit.