An-2 Biplane

Here’s an Antonov An-2 Colt. It’s such a sweet aircraft…I got to fly it a few times, and it is impressive, let me tell you. Anyways…created and rendered in Blender (background is a photo btw). Enjoy!

Wow! That is a really good render. It is very crisp and very realistic looking.

Slpa sum texture on that :slight_smile:

Well…I THOUGHT I did have texture applied to it…13 hours of rendering later, aparently not. But I might try it again when I have nothing better to do with my comp.

I LOVE the An-2! :slight_smile:

Good model. What livery will you put on it?

I was originaly going to put on the paint scheme that the one I flew has.It’s a white body, with red, yellow, and blue ribbons of colour on it. Total sweetness!