an "a bug's life" style ant...

i just started a new project 2 days ago. i wanted to do a scene in the style of Pixar’s “A Bug’s life”. This is what i came up so far…

C&C always welcome.

Greets Linny.

It do convey the “ants life” feeling.
What I would reproach is that in the pose in the third image, the ant seems a bit stiff.

To make it more natural, I suggest more movement to the hips and torso. If the hips is too aligned with the torso it will result in a straight spine.
And in a relaxed pose like the one your ant is posing in, well, it spoil it a bit…

Otherwise, very cute ant :wink:

Oh… and don’t forget the "ant"enna hehehe

Looking good, but your DOF technique is detracting from the image I think.
maybe try the node compositor to blur your background then add the foreground as a seperate layer.

Nice work bro. That is pretty dang cool.

first of all, thank you guys.

well i have to admit, that the fake DOF doesn’t work quite well here.
I will see how it works in the final scene when there is gras is the background i.e.

here is a little update. i just worked out the armature a little more and started with the facial expressions. they are far from complete by now but some basics do work.

the following little animation doesn’t make any sence :slight_smile: it’s just for testing a few things… (260 kb)

Greets linny

nice rig and movements there!

here is another little update on the scene. i added some stems to the background and placed a small group of ants in between them…

so here is another update. the scene is now nearly complete. now i can concentrate on the minor flaws in the scene. most of the modeling is done…

wow thats pretty cool

here are some updates on the rig for future scenes. i added proxy bones to the fingers and limited the rotation on the arms and legs to some more natural values.

rendered pose…

Getting better, not sure about the mouth though , there seems to be a permanent false teeth expression lol.

hmmm, now that you say it… :slight_smile: i think i should do something about that.

now i changed it a bit. i made the corners of the lips a little more sharp and i added some basic teeth.
and of course the “Ant-tenna”…

the eye’s look permanently surprised. you can’t have the upper white of the eye exposed.


ps; change the title. is “aN “a bugs life” style ant…”
the adverb is followed by a vowel… +n

Looks great so far. I agree with Jacco, the eyes do have a surprised look on them, though I disagree that you should remove them. It adds to the toony tyle (take a look at the movie, their eyes are even bigger)

Thanks for your comments and critiques so far. maybe i’ll change the eyes a little bit. i’m now qorking on a short animation of the ant to test the rigging.

Here is another update of the current scene so far…

:eek: Omfg that’s so awsome! I wanna model like that… :frowning: Your composition, lighting, texturing… its all amazing.

good job. ^^

This is awesome, really well done :slight_smile:

U really think? I hate it…

haha Just kidding, Its cool :smiley: Very neat :D… The only thing that bothers me is the eye-sockets. And to much light in the eyes… but thats nothing… Oh han try put a texture on the bugs… :smiley:

Thank you all for your comments.
i did some minor tweakings to complete the scene. there is a new child-ant on the right and i reduced the light on the eyes so that they don’t look overexposed anymore.

I consider the scene now finished. the only thing i will try is to add a skin texture to the ants as Lasphere suggested.