An action scene - Critique requested


I am new here and really appreciate the focus of the forum. I need help too.

I am trying to render a wizard throwing a plasma ball on a minotaur. Somehow the scene looks dull.

Any comments on the poses, the light and compositing would help…


Try to give the wizard more of a battle stance. He seems like he was kinda just chillin’ out and decide to lob a quick fireball up in the air. Throw the right arm and leg back and bend his knees a bit. Do something to make him seem more involved in the battle. :slight_smile:

It’s a good start but your not their yet in my opinion on capturing such an amazing scene. First try to add more pillars and objects into the scene for a better capturing of the setting. and when I say more pillars I don’t mean the same one repeated over and over like you have done.
this only damages your overall creditably through out the scene…

So add more objects like skulls and grunge in specific areas of the scene. It will bring more out of your scene overall if you have more detailed objects surrounding the fight… maybe even interacting with it…

maybe have a few smashed barrels…

Second off, I just really want to say that, I love the camera angle and it really does the trick!

so try to add the finishing details and scenery needed to truly bring out you art!

good luck to you!

Hey…thanks a ton !!!..the scene does look “empty”…i will get working on the tips…

Oks…some corrections…poses, lighting and the background sky…more corrections comming up…


The pose and lighting look much better! Keep up the good work and you’ll have an awesome scene :slight_smile:

A big thing that I think will change your picture a lot is camera angle and focal length. Decide how you want the story told, and what the focus is, and who you want to win. Then place the camera accordingly.

Hope that helps!

The new wizard pose looks better, but the minotaur/yeti/bull-dude looks like he’s just standing in mid-air. Give his pose some dynamic attention as well. Also, the fireball is way too blown out. By that, I mean it’s so bright that it’s clipping its own detail and being an eyesore.

Yes, I agree with changing the minotaur’s pose as well. I’m not sure if the fireball has already hit him or if it’s about to but if it already has, or is in the process of, then see if making him bent over with his legs and upper body/head angled toward the wizard but his chest (Where the fireball is making impact) pushed back.
I know my drawing is stunning, but hold you applause. Just a quick demonstration of what I mean seeing as I found it hard to explain. Hope this helps!

Thank you all…its really helping…some more updates comming up…

The lighting is rather flat - try make the key light a lot more potent and the fill/environment much weaker

Great job so far and the changes you made help, but I agree about the fire being blown out. The Stone texture/mat you are using is great I really like it. The rings on the pillar need to be more metal or more grunge. The barrels also need something they look flat, that might be the light I can’t tell from the angle. Are you using hair/particles on the bull? Concept is very cool and I am intrigued. Is this a game in the works?

nope…not a game…just amateur blender craft…

thanks a lot people for the insights…but for now i will stick with this final image…i made the fireball bright and added some glares to it so signify its the intensity…lesson learnt for me…“composition, composition and composition”…

I will make sure my next piece has some research and reference before I hit blender…

Thanks a lot folks !!!


Yeah, it looks way better from that angle. Keep up the great work!

The last shot is a definite improvement. That explosion area is blown out white (not a problem in the heat of the action), but tone it down just a bit and maybe put a hint of complementary-to-red/yellow color into it. Maybe a hint of rainbow-ish color would convey that this demon is being dispatched by a bad-ass kick-butt good-bye Wizard. :wink: (Skip the “power beams radiating from his hands,” though … that’s so overdone.)

Make sure that I can see the wizard’s front leg apart from his cloak. He’s throwing his full body weight into casting that spell, and right now he almost looks one-legged.