An actual study shows that watching cat videos give positive health benefits

It has been reported that people who watch them report having more energy along with a lower level of negative emotions such as sadness and anxiety.

With millions of such videos being posted to YouTube on an annual basis, people should have enough to watch to last a lifetime. If you feel down and out, then hop onto Youtube and watch some cute kittens play.

And to think the ubiquitous cat video was something that was way overdone these days, there’s actually a scientific reason to fall in love with them.:eek:

I wonder if dog videos have the same effect.

People who love dogs, can actually spend time with them so there’s no real need to watch what other dogs can do. :stuck_out_tongue:
(Oh how I hate cats)

Get involved in animal rescue work, and your house will be filled with an assortment of cats (and, fair warning, a certain number of “foster failures”). Yeah, definite positive health benefits. But a video doesn’t snuggle next to your head at night and purr into your ear. Serious disadvantage for video. :smiley:

The difference is that you can watch them while at work or while on the go (seriously, how many people literally take their cat everywhere with them when they leave the house)?

Cats know when people are going to die,

they know when there is about to be a earthquake,

there are studies that they manipulate us , rather then we manipulate them,

we are cats pets…