An alien in my front yard!

This is a match moving animation (with sound) that I posted at YouTube (picture below). I did it using Blender and Voodoo. Although I did it a few months ago, I just thought I’ll mention it here, as there are not many match moving animations done in Blender.

Enjoy! (And feel free to still C&C if you want.)


Cool! :^)

I think the smoke could be more transparent though.

adding a touch of AO with low sample count would make it noisy, wich in this case would help it blend in better, but otherwise it’s good

edit: sweet animation :smiley:

hehe pretty cool. done in after effects?

Thanks guys, the feedback is noted and appreciated. I focused more on getting the match moving done than the realism of the animation, but that’s no excuse. Thanks for the tips.

blubernuget: No, the match moving was calculated in Voodoo. Thereafter, the camera info (from Voodoo) was imported into Blender (via a script) and the scene was rendered in Blender. It takes some testing and tweaking.

Pretty neat. You should soften up that shadow a bit.