An Ambitious Animated Anecdotal

Hello, random passerby. How are you today?

Perhaps you may have seen this among the other volunteer work topics and thought to yourself, “Great. Another guy with the next big idea. Never seen that one before.”

And yes, you probably have seen it before. Nor will it be the last time you will. You will probably skim over it, without even reading the title. And I don’t blame you.

Not at all.

You have your own ideas, your own projects that you want to see through. I get it. We all do. And I will not think of you any differently if you decide not to consider mine.

Fact of the matter is, I do need help. And I’ve been putting of asking, simply for this reason. That people will say no. Whether or not that is justified, or reasonable is up for debate. But I’m asking now.

And now for the pitch:

It’s an exploration of interspecies relationships.

The premise is that sentient extraterrestrial life forms have been discovered on Mars, and Earth has established communications with them.

Not just communications, relations with them.

Earth have set up Martian colonies that sometimes integrate with the local community.

The current buzzword in the science world at the time of the story is quantum fissures. Basically, they’re artificial wormholes. They’re pushing an older technology, a graviton saturation array, a gravity manipulator, to their limit to try and “poke holes” in the universe. Really, it’s just folding one point in the universe closer to another point.

There are several science laboratories working around the Solaris System, our solar system, trying to do it, but the fissures never exceed 100 nanometers. In fact, the largest quantum fissure ever created was 87 nanometers, done by CERN, but they have never been able to repeat it.

The story largely takes place in Cuiaba, Brazil, in the Cherenkov Institute, where Dr. Jack Coltrain, an eccentric, slightly misanthropic, but brilliant scientist in his field, is working.

He’s also somewhat xenophobic.

His previous assistant was accepted transfer to Europa Orbital, and her replacement, a young Martian woman who used to work in a laboratory on Mars, emigrated with her husband to Earth to work at the Cherenkov Institute.

So, tl;dr: A series where a xenophobic guy is pretty much forced to work with a young Martian woman.

Anyway, that’s the story so far.

I’m still working on it, and have a bunch of ideas for episodes in my head.

The programs we’ll be using will be Blender (of course), MakeHuman, ManuelBastioniLAB, GIMP, Google Docs, and anything else that anyone else has to offer. as long as it is free and open source

I’m trying to put a team together, and I’ve already got a couple of people onboard already. I’ve got the first episode complete, and it just needs editing and reformatting, and I’ve started on the second. I’ve got character models for the Martian Woman and for Jack Coltrain, though both probably need some work.
We’re in need of modelers, character creators, riggers, texturers, guys with good UV skills, and of course animators. We can do some of that ourselves, but I don’t think three guys is enough.
And that’s besides writers, voice actors, sound mixers, render wranglers, and the like.

I know it’s not going to be easy. How much I know that is up for scrutiny.

So that’s it. I can’t pay you, at least not yet, hence me posting this in Volunteer Work. I don’t know if anyone will be comfortable with long-term work. But the least I can do is ask.

If anyone is interested, hit me up with a direct message. If anyone has any wisdom to offer, please reply, so others may glean from it as well.

Thank you for reading.

God bless. :slight_smile:

Let me recommend you setting someone aside to act as the project manager and/or director. Trust me, having the guy in charge of everything also doing a lot of grunt work can easily lead to short-sighted management.

Also having a means for everyone to track their work would be advantageous. This could be accomplished in google docs via a spreadsheet, but be careful to not fall into using a simple to-do list that always grows. Having a way to track accomplishments goes a long way towards moral, and thus success.

And trust me, you never know how much you don’t know :slight_smile:

God Bless

P.S. – Yes, I’ve PMed you as well. However, I felt that this information might also benefit any other community members who happen upon it.