An american werewolf in trouble

Hey folks, So been soing a night course in Mudbox (awesome) and have rendered out a project… first image. Brought it into blender to give him a hair cut…second image. Might be a good place to ask questions about the belder materails and shaders. You can see in the first image it has a bit more of a natural look in terms of the light deispersal. What would be the key to getting that look in blender and what materails should be used? never really got my head around the material settings (diffuse and specular) just added them and went with the ones that looked good

if you use blender internal you should consider to use SSS for the skin material.

Oh yeh I forgot about that…will check that out. Might add to it big time. Will test and post

lost the normal map on the sss but added it to the other image with a screen overlay:

Seem to add something to it alright

looks a lot better. The eyes looks still a bit fake, maybe look at pictures from real wolf eyes

and take a look at this old tutorial
pixar eyes in blender

I think he’s looking too much like jelly now. doing sss correctly is confusing, but there are some tutorials out there.
(edit) here’s one that looks pretty good