An android is born

This my latest project. Please critique and send me ideas as how to improve the composition.
First image is the latest render.

Modelled with blender
Rendered with cycles:500 passes


Her body has too big displacement, i would prefer none.
The end of the cables are too flat.
The cables looks odd at her neck, make them more friendly.
Her finger on the hands looks odd too. Also the fingers at her legs looks too humanoid.

The modeling is good.
You have a bit to strong normalmap on the android.
I would have made the android more hangy.
Right now it kind of looks like it’s in the middle of a jump or floating.
compositionvise I made a quick 4minut change in photoshop.
Positioned the android according to rule of thirds. on the line.
I brighten the image slightly by adjusting the curves.
I added a very quick vignette to the picture to draw the eye to the android.
Hope it helps.

Thanks for your reply, i will make some changes and post it back as soon as possible!

I updated with some changes based on what coffecat and Holmen suggested. Hope you like the changes.Please leave your opinion.

From your original post it seems this is not a finished work. Please say where you want this thread moved, Work in Progress or Focussed Critique and I’ll move it there.

Now i think is finished! I am not going to make any changes! Sorry to post this here.

I love it. I was just watching Ghost in the Shell and this fits that enviroment.

Thank you very much. Oh Ghost in the Shell , you bring me back good memories.I love it.