An Angel/Devil in Everyone - New : Devil Version

Just a simple photo :wink: enjoy

– angel / devil version is a few posts down


Very nice. Was the wing effect, done with clever lighting or is it digital?

the wings were made with photoshop … just a simple brush work :wink:
but the lighting in the middle was planned and “analog”

i made two digital versions now


you said it’s a photo… is this you? is this done in gimp or blender or both… or neither? the image on the left in your last post looks like something for a t-shirt while the one on the right is more for art magazines and glossy prints. nice work either way :slight_smile:

thanks for the comment

yes, it’s me, i used an automatic release… maybe it would be better if i had done a diet … but i’m a computer science student so what would you expect?

neither, i have done it with photoshop (yes i invested this much to buy it :spin:)

You don’t need a diet. You’re quiet attractive… I was just trying to figure out where the source of the image was… if it was 3d, digital paint, etc.

:eek: is automatic release what I think it is? :confused:

thanks :o
…oopss … i that was the wrong word he? … self timer would be right…:no:

PS: this was the original pic (made with a normal digital noname camera)
on the right side you can see my proud ( my full hd tv and ps3 XD) …


i like the first picture in the 3rd post…it looks like you were drawn…its really good =)

I have a suggestion (which you can ignore if you like). How about mirroring the original photo, tinting the light Red and making a devil version. Maybe add a hint of a tail and bat like wings. I think they would look cool side by side.

BTW: +1 on the diet thing. You do not look like you need a diet. But, then again I am in America where damn near all of us need to loss weight, so what do I know. :wink:

i made an angel - devil version :wink: i hope you’ll like it

… not only in america :spin: ok there are only 2 kg (4 pounds) which are getting on my nervs so … what kind of woman would i be if i wasn’t complaining about my weight?
i think than i wouldn’t care … so i would be fat:evilgrin:


That is cool. Looks like an album cover. For what band? I have no idea.

interesting. I would suggest making the devil a little sharper… and try to make it look more bottomlit to add opposition. perhaps changing the lip color to be darker…more risque’ even…
I would also suggest that the demon/devil wings be tattered at the bottom… while good is pristine. The imagery carries well though :slight_smile:

better now?


i made some changes on the eyes again and a new poster version :wink:


Looks Really Good

okey guys i made a pure devil version :wink: enjoy


Wow… Sorry for bumping on all your threads but I was curious about more of your work, and then I see how you are in reality, and you’re so gorgeous, so beautiful, so cute ^-^

The one I loved the most was the pure devil version… The others are just as perfect but I love the dark side of thins ihihih xD

OMG im gonna die…