An animated space opera

I am working on a movie that I am doing in Blender (and GIMP, and other Open programs).

I am wondering if anyone would be interested in helping with modelling starships and landscaping. It’s a creative commons project and the budget is 0. Just so you know.

Read more here:

Test animation of a nebula created with Apophysis and Blender:

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Edit2: is a good site in general if you are making a movie, BTW. Or if you are just interested on contributing your blender skills in an existing projekt and making a name for yourself.

The story has a political message and I am hoping that people who agree with this message will find it worth to contribute. All the details are at the Wreck a movie project page.

I can’t be bothered to go to another site for something like that. Could you summarise the plot? Or just the political message?

Seeing as its all about open source he won’t mind me posting it:


Humanity discovers faster than light communication, and finds all those signals SETI didn’t find searching for electromagnetic transmissions.
A delegate arrives to Earth, curious about the new source of FTL signals. The delegate offers them a place in the Open galactic net, a society based on Open Source and Creative commons share alike. Earth society, ruled by ultra-capitalist free market (as long as free means free for the big guys) proponers, the open Source movement on Earth long since crushed, does not like the idea of an open source galaxy.
A delegation is sent with the alien to explore the Open galactic net and report back. All the while Earth government is trying to figure out how to keep earth society in their vice, fearing the mindnumbing entertainment industry might not be enough to keep the populace docile when the delegation returns in a hundred years. And in the process, they are bound to piss off the wrong someone in the Open galactic net.
Here is the address to my Deviant Art archive, so you can see that the guy behind this project brings at least some talent with him…
Space and nebula animation test made with Blender:
Some early concept images of main charachters:
There will be no voice actors, I intend to make a sort of modern silent movie utilizing Kinetic typography.


Indeed. Thank you.