An Anime style Girl

I don´t know if this is a good start, but look at this charater I scanned and colored using photoshop, it was very easy to do :smiley: ,like the other one I´m showing (but I prefer the first)…
any comment would be welcome


both look good, keep em comeing :wink:

Sure :D, I will send more later, and a tutorial if someone wants

Only thing is that the lines are too thick. If you could draw them smaller/the picture bigger it would look great. See if you can get down to about a fifth of their current size.

The thick lines were intentional, for a cartoon like style, but I will remember your advice for the next works

Holy cow they must be a cross breed of human and giraffe! Those necks are so… Long. The first one is might just be an illusion due to her extremly high jaw, scheming expression. But the second ones neck (looks, I didn’t use any physical rulers :wink: ) is over half the length of her head! (actually, I think it might just be the turtle-neck colars on both of them start to early/give the longer illusion). On the plus side though, I really like your shading. I’m not one for the “anime” style, so I don’t know exactly how they change their proportions around/clothes around.
Over all: Good work, Nice shading, Though try and be careful with the turtle necks, They really make the necks look huge. And the first ones head looks a little “Squished”.

I haven´t noticed it, my classmate at school have pointed it recently, when I finish my Anime model I will redraw these pictures