An Answer! Vertex Painting Tutorial

Well lately there have been questions about this so I decided to make a short tutorial on the matter. Unfortunately, I didnt.

However, you can see the unecessarily long version here:

I’m not sure it will help you much, but it explains vertex painting. Its sorta in a pamphlet style because I do not like to do html. Complian all you want. Its not going to solve anything!


Thanks man :slight_smile: Finally, I can get my head around vertex paint.


Nice tut, but it needs some updates before I get it.

Is it right, that I have to exit face-mode to see my faces colored?
Is it right that my changes doesnt appear im my render? :-?


well you should not necessarily need to exit face mode to see the colors, but if you are not in vertex paint mode, then you will need to be in the texture view or whatever its called. (Alt+Z one) As for the render, I think you need to have something in the materials that says use texture face or something… I’ll update as soon as I can.


yeh i know this post is a bit late but it works while im not renderd but as soon as i render it nothing shows up (apart from gray)

Great tutorial! Never knew about the Copy Draw mode thing.

To answer someones question:
To make the color appear, instead of just grey, add a material to your object. Then, just right of the preview in the material window, press the VCol Paint button. This gives the pencil the colors you painted on.