an ant at sea

this is a picture of an ant in a boat made out of matches and a match box, sailing at sea …
any comments , critiques?


that looks kool but make the tips of the matches the red color

Overall, nice. My only crits is that the match head is too shiny, and the water needs bump mapping.

thats awesome. nice style. :smiley:

one crit though, what is that blck line in the Sky? just looks a little weird.

other then that it looks great.


Well, that’s part of the halo of one of the lights :slight_smile:
That’s one problem I have not come through to solving, ie having that line vanish.:slight_smile:

ahh, ants usually have only 6 legs… other than that it looks great, nice concept!!

well!!! I’ll try to pose him more antlike !!! and also take away two legs :slight_smile: