AN apparently unsolvable problem

I have been using blender for years and just can’t get far because i keep hitting the same problem and never getting a solution. I try to model subsurfed star trek and sf style ships and keep getting these ugly distortions around the edges when i try to bevel a founded corner.

I’d have upped some pix but apparently my last download shifted my screensave imagecaps to a folder I can’t find now. Thanks microborg.

This problem seems pretty endemic and basically apparently permanent in blender, so I hope someone gets what i’m saying sinc emy screencaps no longer go to anywhere i can find thanks to microborb xbox something or other and i’m just too damn tired to look for it right now. A\nyone help? These really don’t show up on a matt surface very well but on a shiny one they just glare out at you, ugly distortions following the endges of ngons and booleans.

I’ve had this problem since i’ve had blender and am jus tired of pounding my head on it.

Using blender 2.79b as i tried 2.8 and A, it crashed a LOT and B the layers system has been replaced with a complicated mess I don’t want to bother figuring out.

Thanks to microborg moving my screencaps to some hidden xbox folder i can’t get to from most menus unless i invest more time and effort than i want to in order to find it i had to go to fb, download my pics and now will try to upload them here.

I’vew tried all the tips and gotten nowhere.

Asides from that i can do fairly well in blender. Here’s a ship i’ working on. asides from the apparently permanent problem i’m going to have with blender it works ok.

Your reply basically says I’m going to be stuck with it forever. great. :angry:

Sigh. The ONLY solution to a problem with blender is to start over. Not happening this time. In order to start over id have to re-do the phaser arrays, the interconnector and so on. I’m tired of starting over. And over. And over. I’ll just have bad topology and pinches them. I’d rather finish something fir obce even if it’s gkitched than start over abd finally have to walk away in disgusted fatigue again.

You could use you current model as a base and do a retopo onto it with the Poly Build tool.

It looks to me like you spent alot of time on this. I too have had a very hard time with topology and have never really gotten anywhere. I think the key, or I’m guessing, is to start small and really learn the basics. Probably heard this a million times…

Yes abd I leave blender in fatigued rage for a while, months maybe, then slowly forget how it manages to make everything I do turn into a “start over” situation until I put a lot of work into a new version only to be told to start over again. No more starting over. Too tired of it. If I can’t get this model to work I can’t keep pounding my head on blender and ending up at square one.

Yeah, like I said, been there. I’m still using the program though and may as well try to learn what is neccesary. And small things don’t take so long.

OK let me look that up.

If you want to learn good topology you have to study how to avoid n-gons and how to deal with poles.
N-gons are what polygons with more than 4 vertices are often called and poles are vertices with more or less than 4 edges.

Note that n-gons and some types of poles which you usually try to avoid can be useful in some fringe cases and that it is usually impossible to completely avoid them.

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I’m just going to go with it as it is… I’m not starting over and retopo seems to be in 2. 8 which crashes on my system constantly. I was hoping for a fix but obviously there is none thst does not involve things i’m not going to be forced to do.

OK so they’re a problem you can’t avoid. Fine then. I hope i can find a material that minimizes their effect since they’re unavoidable.

Is there any particular reason you are using SS for the modelling?

Even if i was willing to start over (not) WTH would I actually do with all this magical new geometry? What would it take to make this topological magic occur? How would i be able to bevel corners or cut holes without the same damn ugly edges appearing? HOW?!?!?!

If I were you I would start a new project, something a bit smaller than the Enterprise, watch some hard surface and topology tutorials and work on something smaller but with quality topology for what you want.

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Hey T

Long time, see you still banging your head against the wall. :rofl:



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You would just let it sit there, holding up the curvature, preventing pinching, continuing those loops that now end on ngons :slight_smile:

Your snark was not asked for, not welcome, not useful and not appreciated so keep it to yourself.